President Donald Trump delivered a speech to the Republican Jewish Coalition on Saturday. During his remarks he took the opportunity to mock Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), the Congresswoman who believes people hold a dual allegiance to the United States and Israel if they are pro-Israel.

“And a special thanks to Rep. Omar of Minnesota. Oh, oh — oh, I forgot. She doesn’t like Israel, I forgot. I’m so sorry. Oh,” Trump mocks. “No she doesn’t like Israel, does she?”

Of course, Democrats were quick to slam Trump for his comments.

For some reason, Democrats seem to think that if anyone criticizes Rep. Omar that they’re suddenly advocating for violence against her. They seem to think Trump saying Omar doesn’t like Israel is condemning what death threats she received on Friday. But it doesn’t.

It is possible to slam Omar for her anti-Semitic tropes. It is possible to condone someone sending her death threats because they disagree with her policies.

Why is it so hard for Democrats to see that not everything is as black and white as they like to make it?

Author: Beth Baumann

Source: Townhall: Cue The Outrage: Trump Mocks Ilhan Omar At A Republican Jewish Coalition Event And Liberals Are Triggered

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