It’s worse than Sanders thought – and way worse than Trump’s taxes.

Crazy Bernie, what are we going to do with you? You’re in deep trouble, and you know it.

You keep telling us that we need to share the wealth and pay our fair share. Bernie, you want Americans to pay higher taxes to support your bloated socialist programs.

You’ve even demanded Trump release his taxes, so you can accuse him of being yet another greedy rich man.

But now, with your taxes in the public eye, we see you’re the pot calling the kettle black. Blacker than black.

From the Daily Wire:

In the last ten years, as [Bernie Sanders’] income has risen, he has only once (barely) given more than 4% of his income to charity, twice given a little more than 3%, twice given roughly 2.5 %, and five times given less than 2% of his income to charity.

Shame on you, Bernie! And he has the guts to demand Trump’s taxes?

Over the last decade, Bernie Sanders has given less to people in need than most Americans. Most of the time, he’s given less than 2% of his considerable wealth to those in need.

One year, in 2016, Bernie made a massive $1 million dollars, but only gave $10,000. Hmm… 2016? Wasn’t that the year he ran for president?

How did he make all that money—spending most of his time campaigning?

Didn’t he back out of the race and endorse Hillary Clinton? Hmm, I wonder how he’s making all this money, don’t you?

Bernie Sanders is the man who refused to reduce the budget without “shared sacrifice,” meaning wealthy people had to pay more.

He demanded that the rich must sacrifice the wealth they worked so hard to earn. But Sanders himself consistently refused to give even to the local Goodwill.

But the man demands, by use of force, that people give more of their money to the federal government that wastes billions of dollars each year.

Turns out Bernie just took the lead in the race for the Democrat nomination. How do you think this news will go over with his supporters?

Keep in mind, Bernie attacks people who earned their money through private businesses.

Bernie got rich sitting behind a desk in D.C. He never produced a product or service that helped you. He got rich by exploiting his power in government.

If anyone should be “sacrificing,” it should be the swamp pigs of Washington getting rich off regular Americans!

Good luck ever making that happen, given that Bernie and the rest of Congress set their own salaries.

Bernie sure does love being stingy with his money, and generous with yours.

But I bet many Americans won’t even hear about what Bernie has done. The media won’t tell them.

No one will hear about it unless patriots spread the word.

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriotjournal: After Bernie’s Taxes Go Public, He Slips Up And It All Comes Crashing Down

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