Since the 2016 Election, our liberal media has been bashing Donald Trump. As president, Trump has rarely received honest, decent coverage from the nation’s most influential papers. Since the Mueller report has cleared Trump’s name, few newspapers have even acknowledged their wrongdoing. Now, President Trump is demanding the country’s most well-known paper do this to get back into his good graces.

Are there any newspapers left worth reading? Most of them have sold out their souls to the liberal elite. Once respected newspapers, that would bring truth to Americans, are now shills from the Democrats. They spread fake news and slander against conservatives, just to get clicks.

It’s gotten particularly bad since Donald Trump became president. Newspapers have spread some of the most wild and malicious rumors against the man. Since the Russian collusion hoax started, American newspapers have been on the frontlines of reporting lies as facts. All to condemn and undermine the rightfully elected President of the United States.

Perhaps the worst of them has been the New York Times. The “paper of record” has spread one rumor after another. Since Trump entered office, the Times has published endless stories slandering him and his administration. Often, they will have wildly inaccurate headlines, that are contradicted several paragraphs into the article.

It’s clear this once-respected paper has gone over to the dark side. They have joined the endless ranks of Democrats that are doing whatever they can to attack and discredit President Trump. The man who is making American great again, defeated ISIS, empowered our economy, and brought back jobs–they treat like a villain.

Since President Trump has been cleared by the Mueller report, few liberal news outlets have admitted they were wrong. None of them have apologized for spreading the lie that he worked with Russia. Most of them have been “reporting” on this for over 2 years.

Trump has called out the New York Times for its bad reporting. In a tweet, he demanded the paper beg for forgiveness on their hands and knees. Sounds about right.

President Trump said in an early Tuesday morning tweet that the New York Times will have to “get down on their knees” and “beg for forgiveness” over coverage of his presidency.

“I wonder if the New York Times will apologize to me a second time, as they did after the 2016 Election,” Trump wrote. “But this one will have to be a far bigger & better apology. On this one they will have to get down on their knees & beg for forgiveness – they are truly the Enemy of the People!”

“In the “old days” if you were President and you had a good economy, you were basically immune from criticism. Remember, ‘It’s the economy stupid.’ Today I have, as President, perhaps the greatest economy in history… and to the Mainstream Media, it means NOTHING. But it will!” he wrote in another tweet. [Source: Fox News]

Trump makes a pretty good point. In the past, presidents who won big for the economy were praised by the press and the people alike. Politics aside, you can’t argue with results. But despite overseeing one of the biggest comebacks in American history, the media continues to slander Donald Trump.

The New York Times did a very poor job of covering the 2016 Election. They all but predicted Hillary Clinton would win. After Trump won, their publisher issued a long letter of apology to their readers for their apparent bias. But since then, they’ve continued the same negative, hateful, and disgraceful coverage of the Trump administration.

Including reporting the Russian hoax as fact.

Trump has every right to demand an apology from these clowns. Imagine if they attacked Obama this mercilessly. Or any other politician. There would be outrage from every corner of our society. But liberals continue to lie about our president and refuse to admit their wrongs.

If you ask me, they need to do much more than beg on their hands and knees. In the Times’ case, they’re better off just closing their doors.

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