Once upon a time, Beto O’Rourke was the left’s 2020 darling. But with big names like Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden entering the primaries, Beto is losing media attention. Perhaps that’s why he made this wild prediction. Beto claims the earth will be gone in 10 years if we don’t take drastic action.

You’ll have to forgive me if I don’t put much stock into what Beto says. This is a man who has claimed to have eaten magical dirt for its healing properties. A man who tried to force his family to eat the same dirt. A man who was caught in 2018, when his campaign was telling supporters to take illegal immigrants to the polls.

Yep, I’m not impressed with Beto O’Rourke.

But, for a time, the media and left-wing elites were. His 2018 bid for Senate got a generous boost from outside donors. When he announced his candidacy for president, he received plenty of cash and press from liberals.

It seems like Democrats at one time thought Beto was their best chance at beating Trump, a man who is literally making America great again.

Things haven’t gone so smoothly for Beto more recently. All eyes are on Bernie and Biden, who both have better chances at scoring the nomination.

Perhaps that’s why Beto is sounding more and more like deranged Democrat AOC. He just made a startling prediction about what will happen soon. And is demanding big dollars to fix it.

Okay, Beto. Why don’t you go play in the corner with some crayons?

Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke sounded the alarms on Monday, saying that civilization has only “ten years” left on Earth if no action is taken on climate change.

The former Texas congressman unveiled the first major policy proposal of his candidacy, which is a climate change initiative that would cost $5 trillion in over 10 years in hopes of reaching zero carbon emissions by 2050. [Source: Fox News]

Leave it to a Democrat to make wild speculations and predictions (with zero facts) all to justify a huge price tag (that you and I will pay for).

Beto’s “solution” to climate change is less expensive than Bernie’s “Medicare for All” (which clocks in at $32 trillion), but $5 trillion to fix climate change is just ridiculous.

You have to understand, that since the 1970’s, America has been a leader in environmentalism. We have come a long way in helping protect the planet and human health. Yet Democrats keep claiming we are doomed, unless we spend a ton of money and regulate private businesses into oblivion.

Democrats never acknowledge the fact that the earth is doing much better than they claim. Or that we, as a country, are more responsible than anywhere else. Beto isn’t concerned about who India or China constantly pollute.

He’s not demanding that they pass heavy regulation or spend trillions to stop climate change. Nor will he ever do that; Democrats are too cowardly to confront China on anything.

Instead, this clown wants to destroy your family’s future will needless taxes and rules. Companies will go out of business, the cost of living across the country will be sky high. All in the name of fighting something that isn’t nearly as devastating as they claim.

Beto is making doomsday predictions, hoping he can scare enough people into supporting him. If he can convince you that the world will end in 10 years, then perhaps you’ll vote for him and his nonsense.

Crazy, I know. But there are people out there who buy this stuff. And many rich people who will back it, pumping millions into this man’s campaign.

The only thing we can do is stand up for reason and common sense. And make sure nobody buys into Beto’s stupidity.

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