For years, climate change alarmists have spread wild predictions about the end of the world. They have demanded extreme changes to our government and economy in order to protect the environment. But it looks like their days of stirring up trouble are numbered, as Trump is planning a new commission that will take a hammer to all their claims.

Since the days of Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth,” Democrats have been spreading wild claims about climate change. Today, media-grabbing liberals have declared the earth will be doomed in a matter of years thanks to climate change, unless we give up many of our liberties.

The left’s favorite clown, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, said that unless we embrace her Green New Deal, the earth is doomed in 12 years. Not to be outdone by her, Democratic candidate for president, Beto O’Rourke, says we’re in for it in just 10 years.

Of course, their “solution” to this problem is more government control, heavy regulation and taxes, and massive changes to privately-owned businesses and wealth. You can easily see how climate alarmism is just an excuse to push socialism.

Donald Trump isn’t playing their game. From the very beginning of his presidency, he’s been a skeptic of the extreme claims of climate alarmists. He has said time and again that he believes in protecting the environment, but he’s not about to agree to changes to our system that hurts American workers.

Now, he is contemplating forming a commission that will take the air out of climate alarmists’ sails for good.

President Donald Trump is scheduled to meet Wednesday with White House officials to discuss creating a commission to scrutinize climate change reports, according to a source familiar with the matter.

Top National Security Council (NSC) officials John Bolton and William Happer will press Trump to create a commission to scrutinize major climate change reports…

Happer, a Princeton physicist, has pushed for Trump to create a commission to scrutinize U.S. military and intelligence claims that global warming is a national security threat. Happer was brought on to the NSC in September to analyze emerging technologies. [Source: Daily Caller]

Climate alarmists get backing from NASA to the left-wing media to numerous environmental activists and scientists. Climate change means big business and dollars for some groups. They are less interested in the validity of their claims, than getting cash.

Climate science is rarely challenged or scrutinized by those in the public. The media just expects us to believe their claims, despite significant problems with how they prove what they say. There are scientists who deny what the most extreme activists say, but they are not given the same amount of attention by politicians and the media.

But there is good reason for the president to want real facts to back or refute what alarmists say. Every other area of science receives heavy scrutiny. Why not climate change? A group of conservative activists agree with Bolton and Happer and are requesting support from Trump.

Many conservative activists, on the other hand, have come out in favor of setting up a commission to scrutinize climate claims, including nearly 140 groups and experts who sent a letter of support to Trump in March.

“We suggest that climate science requires at least the same level of scrutiny as the engineering employed in building a bridge or a new airplane,” conservatives wrote to Trump.” [Source: Daily Caller]

That’s a pretty fair request. But expect extreme pushback from the left. Democrats embrace climate change the way Christians embrace Jesus Christ. It’s practically a religion to the left. To question climate change is like questioning gravity or the sun rising.

They will do everything to malign anyone who questions their most extreme views. Not because they believe climate change is real, but because they use that fear to push their toxic, liberal agenda.

Obama nearly crippled our economy and numerous industries with his heavy environmental regulations. Meanwhile, foreign nations got rich because we had to buy energy from them. Obama’s environmental policies had nothing to do with ending climate change, but with enriching his cohorts in other countries.

It’s no different today. Climate change deserves to be scrutinized and questioned, simply because of how the left uses it to damage the United States.

Trump’s commission will tick off the left. But that’s something he’s used to.

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