Democratic hopeful for 2020, Pete Buttigieg spoke at a town hall even Sunday. While trying to win over the viewers, he made major promises about what he’d do to taxes if elected. He admited what he really means by “fair taxes.” This is something you need to know.

No Democrat can beat Trump on the economy. Thanks to President Trump’s policies, the U.S. economy is roaring like never before. It hasn’t been this good in perhaps a generation. The stock market is growing. Jobs are pouring into the country. Salaries are high. For the first time ever, there are more available jobs than workers!

What can any 2020 Democrat promise to beat that? Nothing, really. Instead, they want to focus on their own plan to help the American economy—which amounts to creating bigger, costlier government programs.

Pete Buttigieg is one of the Democrats vying for the top spot. Like all the others, he’s a closet socialist that wants to burden America is wasteful and toxic government handouts. These handouts won’t strengthen the economy, but cripple it.

When speaking at a town hall this Sunday, he tried to dance around his agenda. But the truth came out.

Democratic 2020 presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg admitted during his Sunday town hall on Fox News that when he talks about “fair taxes,” what he means is “higher taxes.”

“Mayor Pete” went on to argue that debt and deficits can play a legitimate role in a functioning economy as long as the debt is tied to programs or initiatives that will eventually pay for themselves

“When candidates, Democrats, go out promising — as I think we should — that we’re going to have major increases in investment in things like education, health and infrastructure, we also gotta be willing to say where the revenue’s going to come from,” Buttigieg explained. “That’s why we really do need to entertain ideas like, I would say a fairer — which means higher — marginal income tax rate on those with the most.” [Source: The Daily Caller]

Uh-huh. Nice try, Pete. What he’s forced to admit here is that he can’t compete with Trump’s tax victory.

President Trump ticked off radical Democrats by cutting taxes for most Americans. That includes wealthier Americans—you know, the people who start businesses and create jobs? Trump’s tax cuts bill has saved millions of jobs and increased wages.

Pete wants to erase all that by raising taxes on “those with the most.” Why should we punish people who work hard to be successful? Why does Pete think that government programs that waste taxpayer dollars “will eventually pay for themselves”?

Mayor Pete wants to raise taxes on the wealthy. But the wealthy only pay a fraction of what the rest of us pay. In order to pay for all his increases in spending, Pete will raise taxes on every hard-working American.

His solution to Trump’s economic success is to raise taxes to pay for bloated government spending. He knows that will kill our prosperity and grind our economy to a halt. He doesn’t care. Like the rest of the Democrats, he wants our economy to fail. Just like Obama, he wants us poor, suffering, and out of work. Just so that more Americans will become dependent on a bloated, runaway government.

And let’s not forget all those globalist that bankroll the Democrats. These politicians, like Mayor Pete, do the bidding of rich foreign businessmen, who want America to fail. They want jobs outsourced overseas, more migrants flooding our nation, and the value of our dollar to drop. That way, they can plunder our prosperity to make themselves even richer.

Pete Buttigieg doesn’t care that America is thriving today. He wants to drag us back into the Dark Ages where America was last among the rest of the world. He wants Americans to be poor, broke, and without hope. He wants the government taxing and spending like there’s no tomorrow.

Because, if he was president, there wouldn’t be.

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