Michael Avenatti was the former lawyer of pornstar Stormy Daniels. Last year, he was going from media outlet to media outlet, claiming he would be the one to take down President Donald Trump. Some liberals even declared Avenatti should run for president. Oh, how things change. Now the disgraced lawyer is in big trouble.

Once upon a time, Michael Avenatti was a media darling. Every major liberal news outlet invited him on their shows. The man, who was representing pornstar Stormy Daniels, claimed he would be the one to expose Trump of wrongdoing. He launched a lawsuit against the president. He tweeted that he knew Trump and his son would be indicted. He even got involved in the Brett Kavanaugh attacks.

It all started after Stormy Daniels failed to hurt Donald Trump. The woman was given ample media attention to tell her story. She claimed that years ago she had an intimate relationship with Donald Trump—one that Trump continues to deny. She also claimed that, as he started his candidacy for president, a man confronted her and threatened her child. With no proof, of course.

Quickly the media realized Daniels had nothing—and the American people didn’t care. So, they dropped her like a hot potato. Soon after, her lawyer grabbed the spotlight, announcing he was suing the President of the United States.

A judge threw out the lawsuit and demanded Stormy Daniels pay Trump’s legal fees. Ouch. Daniels then turned on her lawyer, claiming she never told him to launch the lawsuit.

After that, Avenatti popped up again, this time representing a woman claiming to be assaulted by Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh. This would be the third woman to make accusations against the man and, like all the others, she had no proof. Her wild claims though—that Kavanaugh led a “rape gang” in college—were so absurd, they derailed the Senate’s attempts at framing the man. Many Democrats blamed Avenatti for their failure at stopping Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

Soon after that, we learned that authorities were looking into Avenatti’s behavior. One of his clients was suing. Now, an avalanche has fallen on Avenatti’s head. And he’s not going to dig his way out of it.

Embattled attorney Michael Avenatti was charged by federal prosecutors in New York Wednesday with defrauding adult-film star Stormy Daniels, the client who propelled Avenatti into the national spotlight.

Avenatti, 48, faces one count of wire fraud and one count of aggravated identity theft. He faces up to 22 years in prison if convicted of those charges. Daniels is not named in the indictment, but a federal law enforcement official confirmed to Fox News that she is the client prosecutors claimed Avenatti defrauded…

According to prosecutors, Avenatti stole two payments totaling $297,500 from an advance Daniels was supposed to receive from a book deal in the summer of 2018. According to the indictment, Avenatti sent a doctored letter with Daniels’ signature to her literary agent that instructed the agent to divert the money to an account controlled by Avenatti. The lawyer then spent the money “on airfare, hotels, car services, restaurants and meal delivery, online retailers, payroll for his law firm and another business he owned, and insurance.” [Source: Fox News]

Imagine that! A sleazy lawyer who wrongfully attacked the president turns out to be a crook!

Avenatti tried to exploit his client for his own fame and fortune. On top of that, he robbed Daniels of cash to pay for his own luxurious lifestyle. This is a man who went on TV to accuse the president of all kinds of wrongdoing. Yet, all along, Avenatti was the one lying, stealing, and breaking the law.

This is only the tip of the iceberg of Avenatti’s schemes. He’s defrauded other clients and tried to extort money from major companies. Looks like the man who thought he could take down Trump will soon be enjoying a nice, small jail cell.

There’s a lesson for all dishonest, left-wing crooks. If you try to take down Trump, through your lies and tricks, it’s going to backfire, bigly.

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