Americans were horrified when, in February of last year, a lone gunman opened fire in a high school in Parkland, FL. The shooter took the lives of seventeen victims, mostly students. What made it worse was the fact that local police refused to enter the school—to the shame of every American. Now, one of those “coward” cops is facing the music.

Every American hates mass shootings. They are unacceptable and easily preventable. Most of the time, they occur in places branded as “gun free” zones. That means there is nobody on the premises that can defend the innocent, should the worst happen.

That was the case on February 14, 2008, when a young man entered Stoneman Douglas High School and opened fire. Like most public schools, it was a “gun free” zone. The shooter had free range to kill as many victims as he liked.

What made this terrible shooting worse was the fact that, as it happened, police officers were waiting outside. They knew of the situation inside the school, but did not enter to stop it. Yes, it was dangerous, but that’s the burden of every hard-working police officer. In fact, one deputy prevented other officers and paramedics from entering the school. First responders were forced to wait outside, as young students died on the school grounds.

The sheriff who was responsible for this shocking act of cowardice was fired. But one of his deputies, Scot Peterson, had yet to face justice. He was the one who refused to go into the school and confront the shooter—and he prevented others from going in to help. The man called a coward by the president, is finally getting what he deserves.

And boy is it a doozy.

Former Broward County Sheriff’s deputy Scot Peterson, who was widely criticized for not entering Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School during the Parkland shooting last year, has been arrested on multiple felony and misdemeanor charges…

“Today, as a result of the continuing internal investigation and disciplinary process, Broward County Sheriff Gregory Tony officially announced the termination of two deputies who were found to have neglected their duties…”

“Subsequent to an administrative discipline hearing at BSO headquarters this afternoon, former Deputy Peterson was taken into custody on multiple felony and misdemeanor charges and booked into the BSO Main Jail.” [Source: Daily Wire]

All I can say is, good! How can any police officer, who has sworn to protect civilians, stand by while he knew children were being murdered?

I’m sure you, like me, know numerous police officers who would have rushed inside to save them. Most police would have put their lives on the line—if it meant one student could have been saved. They wouldn’t even have hesitated.

It’s really disturbing to think that these cops—both the disgraced sheriff and his deputy—refused to do even a little bit to stop the shooter and save those students.

Now, the former cop has been charged with seven counts of neglect of a child and three counts of “culpable negligence,” as well as one count of perjury. If convicted, Peterson will face a maximum sentence of over 96 years in jail.

Seems like a heavy sentence, but remember what Peterson is guilty of. After hearing the gunshots, he refused to investigate, he retreated from the school while students were getting killed, and prevented other law enforcement from entering. Not only did he not do his job to save the lives of children, but he forced others not to do theirs.

It’s hard to understand why this man behaved so terribly. We might be able to come to terms with why a sick individual would open fire, but this cop? His enter duty was to save lives, to protect civilians, to put their lives ahead of his own.

Instead, he made the situation much worse, almost aiding the killer.

A man like that is worse than a coward. The only relief we can find is that fact that he’s finally facing the justice he deserves.

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