Democrats thought he would lose them all – instead, they’re flocking to Donald.

President Trump has fought tirelessly to protect our Southern border. Defying a do-nothing Congress, he’s even acquired billions to build the wall.

On top of that, he’s masterfully secured the cooperation of Mexico, who is doing much more to protect our shared border.

Democrats predicted that Trump’s efforts to fix our immigration system would doom his chances with Latino Americans. That, by 2020, not a single one of them would back Trump.

So, you better believe liberals are upset over this new report.

From Washington Examiner:

President Trump is poised to launch his 2020 reelection as popular with Hispanic voters as other Republicans, bucking predictions that provocative nationalist rhetoric and hard-line border policies would crater his support with this critical bloc.

Ka-boom! You don’t like seeing news like this, huh liberals?

According to polls, Trump still has the same level of support among Latinos as he did in 2016.

In fact, some within the GOP think he can expand his influence among Hispanic Americans.

But-but… Democrats said Latinos were against Trump’s efforts to secure the border, right?

I guess Democrats assumed all Hispanic Americans were against fixing our immigration system and encouraging people to come here legally.

They assumed as Americans of Latino descent were in support of letting them all come in.

Sorry, wrong—exactly the opposite.

There are plenty of Hispanic Americans who believe in Trump’s goal of fixing the border and reforming our broken system.

On top of that, they—like many other minority groups—have enjoyed unprecedented low unemployment. All thanks to Trump’s policies.

Why would they back away from him now?

The successes Trump has secured for all Americans just might bring more Hispanic Americans to the Trump team. Don’t you agree?

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: After Trump Triumphs At The Border, He Turns The Tables On Washington Democrats For 2020

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