It’s official. Donald Trump is running for re-election as President of the United States. He made his official announcement during a packed-out rally in Orlando, FL. The president slammed the many forces that tried to destroy his administration. He touted his achievements over the last two and a half years. And he unveiled his new slogan for the 2020 campaign. All Democrats could do was watch and complain.

When Donald Trump announced he was holding a big rally in Orlando, requests for tickets came in fast. Over 100,000 people wanted to attend the big event—they knew what was soon to happen. The man who defied all odds to beat Hillary Clinton—and the media—would announce his re-election campaign.

Thousands of people camped outside the venue for days in advanced. Donald’s people erected big movie screens outside so the overflow crowds, number in the tens of thousands, could watch the festivities. All of Trump’s top people were there, including Vice President Pence, First Lady Melania Trump, and outgoing Press Secretary Sarah Sanders.

The event was a big, intense celebration. But the crux of it all was when Trump officially announced his re-election campaign—and the slogan that will define the 2020 Election.

President Trump formally launched his 2020 re-election campaign Tuesday night before a jam-packed crowd in Orlando’s Amway Center arena, and quickly unloaded on the media organizations and government actors he said tried their hardest with “everything they had” to bring down both his candidacy and presidency…

And after polling the boisterous crowd, Trump appeared to settle on a new campaign slogan: “Keep America Great.” [Source: Fox News]

If Democrats hated “Make America Great Again,” they are really going to get triggered by “Keep America Great.” That’s because this slogan is a reminder that Trump has been successful at keeping his many campaign promises. During the rally, he recounted many of them.

He’s slashed taxes and government regulation. He’s brought jobs back to the U.S. He scored numerous new trade deals and agreements. Because of this unemployment is down and wages are up. ISIS has been defeated. North Korea is willing to de-nuclearize. And there is a renewed movement to eliminate abortion.

All of the many accomplishments of the Trump administration happened under intense opposition from not only the Democrats, but by the mainstream media. At every turn, major news outlets have spread fake news to undermine the president’s agenda. They have spun rumor and hoaxes as fact. They have ignored Trump’s many accomplishments. All to prevent America from coming back from the brink.

But despite such obstruction, Trump has continued to succeed. And it seems like the American people have noticed. Even as the media claims Trump’s support is failing, you wouldn’t know that by looking at the massive crowds at this rally.

During the night, Democratic candidates thought they could undermine Trump’s huge rally by releasing pathetic jabs. Biden had his deputy manage release a statement loaded with slander and lies.

“Our country cannot afford four more years of Trump diminishing America’s role on the world stage… and dividing our country by embracing toxic bigotry and racism that’s antithetical to who we are,” Bedingfield added. [Source: Fox News]

What a low-energy, petty swipe at a man that’s done more than Biden has in his forty-plus years in D.C.

Bernie tried to steal Trump’s thunder with a forum on Reddit. But even there, he was slammed by patriots.

Sanders, meanwhile, hosted an “Ask Me Anything” open forum on Reddit on Tuesday… Not all of the participants in Sanders’ Reddit event gave him a warm welcome, however, with some pointing out Sanders’ recent, dramatic rise to wealth.

“People like you have destroyed the working class by taking more of their taxes to fund a corporate-run utopia that never can exist,” one user replied. “Wealth is decided by the rarity of your skill set, not how hard you work, Mr. 3 mansions and an Audi R8.” [Source: Fox News]

Clearly, the “top” Democratic candidates are out-of-touch with what’s going on in America. People are taking their country back by supporting a man that is putting them first. Trump is doing what Democrats always promised to do, but never intended.

I guess they’ll have to complain about his success for another four years.

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