A bombshell report paints a clearer picture of Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s ancestry, and it now looks like the tables have turned on her claims of having Native American relatives.

Breitbart reports that Warren’s great-great-great-grandfather, Jonathan Crawford, was part of Major William Lauderdale’s Tennessee Volunteer Militia that fought in the Second Seminole War.

Between November 1837 and May 1838, Crawford participated in multiple battles against Native Americans.

Much of what we know about Crawford comes from records submitted by his widow Neona Crawford during the 1850s. She submitted paperwork and proof of her late husband’s military service to secure a pension.

The Seminole Tribe of Florida’s own account of the war paints an ugly picture: “arguably the most tragic years in the history of US-Indian relations east of the Mississippi River.”

“Known to history as the Second Seminole War,” an article on the tribe’s site states, “the US government committed almost $40,000,000 to the forced removal of slightly more than 3,000 Maskókî men, women, and children from Florida to Oklahoma. This was the only Indian war in US history in which not only the US army but also the US navy and marine corps participated.”

And it gets worse for Warren.

A year before Crawford was fighting against the Seminoles, he was helping the Tennessee Militia round up Native Americans to send on the infamous Trail of Tears.

According to the Museum of the Cherokee Indian, this dark period in Native American history was marked by men, women and children being “forced to walk more than a thousand miles, and removed to Indian Territory, now Oklahoma.”

“More than 4,000 died and many are buried in unmarked graves along ‘The Trail Where They Cried.’”

Although Warren claims to have Indian ancestry, this documented link is decidedly more realistic, and it could not come at a worse time for her.

Warren is preparing to clash with her fellow Democrats at Thursday night’s debate. While her current opponents have so far refrained from attacking her flimsy ancestry claims, this new information could be almost too easy to exploit.

The Massachusetts senator’s original claim of having Native American relatives ended up turning her into a laughingstock after a DNA test revealed she only had a minuscule amount of Indian blood.

She was even found to have handwritten her race as “American Indian” on her own State Bar of Texas card.

Warren may have been unconcerned about the parts of her ancestry that she couldn’t use to apply for a https://www.westernjournal.com/warren-lied-getting-onto-harvard-faculty-now-condemns-celebs-lying-get-harvard-accept-kids/ position, but the truth about her heritage is now in the public eye.

Campaigning for the nomination of a Democratic Party now obsessed with identity politics, Warren should know that this information could throw a wet blanket over her hopes of ever reaching the White House.

If any of her opponents drop this bombshell of a revelation in tonight’s debate, Warren could have a hard time recovering.

Author: Jared Harris

Source: Western Journal: Report Breaks Ahead of Debate: Warren’s Ancestor Fought Indians in Bloody War

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