Nadler had better watch out – they’re coming for him!

Nadler and Schiff were the top Democrats seeking to impeach Trump. But now that Pelosi’s on board, Nadler is in serious trouble.

He continues to spend time and money on the House Judiciary Committee pursuing a cause that, it turns out, the House didn’t approve.

Yesterday, Trump released the transcript of the phone call they claim he should be impeached over. There was no hard evidence for them to go on.

Now Nadler is in a tough spot. Pelosi won’t be able to get a vote because of a lack of evidence.

The whole thing is blowing up in their faces. And now the GOP is gunning for Nadler.

From Fox News:

A Republican congressman introduced a resolution on Tuesday calling for the ouster of House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., from his panel post for pursuing impeachment proceedings against President Trump…

Lance Gooden, R-Texas, said in a release that Nadler has acted against the will of the House of Representatives, which never gave his committee explicit authorization to begin impeachment proceedings. The body voted 332-95 in July to table an impeachment resolution from Rep. Al Green, D-Texas.

Republicans are demanding Nadler be removed from House Judiciary Committee for violating their rules.

You want to impeach Trump? Well, you just might be the one impeached, Jerry.

With Pelosi jumping on board, it forced this whole charade into the light, and someone may have to pay.

It looks like never pressured Ukraine to do anything. The Ukrainian president admitted that yesterday. In fact, Trump probably did the right thing by asking about possible wrongdoing and election interference.

Nadler has wasted time and money going against the will of the House… and the American people.

And he could removed from his seat immediately.

The more the Left pushes for impeachment based on nothing, the more they will face a landslide come 2020.

And some Democrats could pay the consequences even sooner than that.

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: After Pelosi Joins ‘Impeachment’ Nadler – Congress Calls For Jerry’s Prompt Removal

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