House Democrats went all-in with their push to impeach President Trump. They banked on a flimsy whistleblower complaint to be the thing that finally takes him down. But they were hasty and stupid.

Now, Americans are outraged that the left would stoop so low. But there’s good news, for Republicans. Thanks to Pelosi’s impeachment push, a new GOP platform has raked in some serious donations.

The latest push by the Democrats to impeach Trump just might be the most pathetic yet. They spent millions of dollars and over two years trying to find a connection between Trump and Russia. All so they could use that as a reason to remove him from office. They failed.

There was nothing really left to for them use to impeach Donald Trump. On top of that, he was winning again and again for Americans. Add to that the fact that every last 2020 Democrat is a dud, the party knew Trump would get re-elected.

So, what is a corrupt, communist party like the Democrats do it? Rush into an impeachment inquiry before getting all the facts!

The impeachment push will blow up in the Democrats’ faces, as so many other schemes have. In fact, the fallout of this agenda will be a net win for Donald Trump. How do I know that? We already reported on how President Trump raised over $13 million in just one day after Pelosi announced her suicide-by-impeachment.
Since then, a new GOP fundraising platform has been doing gangbusters.

WinRed, the new GOP online fundraising platform designed to compete with Democrats in the battle for small-dollar campaign donations, has raised more than $30 million since launching three months ago, with top officials crediting the Democrats’ impeachment push for a big spike in fundraising over the last week…

In an interview, WinRed’s president, Gerrit Lansing, said the Democrats’ moves to ramp up impeachment efforts against Trump “helped a lot,” saying fundraising numbers “spiked” after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s announcement of a formal inquiry last week…

“It just poured gas on the situation where there is a ton of money being raised in all levels and all campaigns,” Lansing said. [Source: Fox News ]

Democrats should be sweating bullets right about now. This new, untested fundraising platform was able to take in over $30 million last quarter. $13.7 million of that was just from the last few days, after Pelosi’s announcement.

What does that tell you? It tells me that Americans are fed up with Democrats’ underhanded scheme to impeach Donald Trump.

We know that he did nothing wrong. He is one of the few leaders in D.C. actually making good on his promises.

Meanwhile, the Democrats have done nothing over the last few years. Except waste our money, of course.

President Trump is known for rocking the fundraising charts. He has built a war chest for his campaign, through mostly small-dollar donations. That’s pretty key. To raise millions of dollars from contributions smaller than $200 means you have many passionate supporters ready to get you re-elected.

Democrats used to boast about their small-dollar, “grassroots” systems. They were able to get regular Americans to dish our small sums of money to build up their funds. But that’s all changing. More Americans are realizing that Democrats aren’t interested in helping them out. Democrats are putting globalists and special interests ahead of hard-working Americans.

It’s no surprise many are jumping ship and dishing out cash to Trump and the GOP.

WinRed’s funds will go to help Republicans win key races in 2020. It will help get more Trump-supporting leaders in Congress. It’s high time we got rid of every last swamp dweller in Washington.

We demand leaders who will back the president’s vision and actually put Americans first.

It may seem like the opposite, but the Democrats’ impeachment push is helping that become a reality. By showing America how little they care about us, Democrats are ensuring none of them will be left after the 2020 Election.

So keep pushing an unjust impeachment process, Pelosi. You’re making sure the GOP wins big in 2020.

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