Jeff Zucker’s fake news outlet is such a discredited failure that even during impeachment far-left CNN could not attract a million average viewers.

The cable television ratings for November are in, and CNN is in far-last place in the cable news wars… again.

Throughout the entire month of November, a month with two weeks of “historic” and heavily-hyped impeachment hearings, CNNLOL could only attract 760,000 viewers throughout the day and an even more pathetic 999,000 viewers during primetime.

What’s more, in the all-important 25-54 age demo, when compared to this same month last year, CNN’s primetime ratings collapsed an incredible 36 percent. CNN’s demo numbers are also down 22 percent throughout the day.

If you are really looking for a reason to point and laugh at CNNLOL, the fake news network LOST primetime viewers last month… Please explain to me how a so-called news outlet LOSES viewers during impeachment? Yep, CNN lost 11 percent of its primetime viewers compared to last year, while MSNBC climbed 12 percent and Fox jumped 15 percent.

It gets better…

Compared to CNNLOL’s epic fail of just 766,000 total day viewers, MSNBC attracted 1.2 million and Fox News more than doubled CNNLOL with 1.6 million.

During the primetime hours, MSNBC’s 2.06 million primetime viewers more than doubled CNNLOL’s humiliating 999,000 number.

Fox News nearly tripled CNNLOL with 2.8 million primetime viewers.

As far as the 25-54 age demo, CNN’s collapse was jaw-dropping compared to MSNBC and Fox.

Here are the raw numbers with the percentage change compared to last November…


FOX: 1.6 million total viewers, +8% — 260,000 demo viewers, -11%
MSNBC: 1.2 million total viewers, +18% — 190,000 demo viewers, +5%
CNNLOL: 760,000 total viewers, flat — 180,000 demo viewers, -22%


FOX: 2.8 million total viewers, +15% — 420,000 demo viewers, -12%
MSNBC: 2.06 million total viewers, +12% — 352,000 demo viewers, +6%
CNNLOL: 999,000 total viewers, -11% — 239,000 demo viewers, -36%

CNN’s highest rated show, Cuomo Prime Time, ranked at #23, not in all of cable, but just among the three cable news outlets. Fourteen Fox News shows filled up those 22 slots behind CNNLOL.

CNN’s godawful morning show New Day, averaged just 556,000 viewers, compared to Fox & Friends, which more than tripled New Day with 1.7 million viewers. Fox & Friends also walloped MSNBC’s Morning Joe, which averaged just 1.2 million viewers.

Author: John Nolte

Source: Breitbart: Nolte: Embattled CNN Fails to Attract One Million Viewers During Impeachment Month

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