Cory Booker will remain in the Democratic presidential race even though he does not expect to qualify for next week’s primary debate, he announced Thursday.

Booker said a burst of fundraising support has given him the resources he needs to continue his bid.

“Thanks to the outpouring of support over the past few weeks, we know there’s a path to victory, and we no longer need the debate stage to get there,” Booker tweeted.

While Booker has hit the grassroots fundraising threshold to qualify for the December primary debate, his campaign acknowledged it doesn’t expect him to meet the polling threshold.

He would need to draw 4 percent support in four qualifying polls by midnight Thursday, and he currently has none.

Booker also tweeted that he was “in this to win it,” not just “sticking around for vanity or ego.”

On a call with reporters, Booker campaign manager Addisu Demissie said the campaign would “probably” post their best fundraising quarter since the New Jersey senator launched his bid.

Demissie was citing in part a $3 million surge the candidate has seen since the November debate.

Demissie said the campaign will use part of that money to launch a half-million-dollar television and digital ad buy.

Instead of attending the debate, Booker will campaign in Nevada and Iowa next week.

The debate will be held next Thursday in Los Angeles, co-hosted by PBS NewsHour and Politico.

Seven candidates have qualified for the debate: Former Vice President Joe Biden, Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota, South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, billionaire environmental and progressive advocate Tom Steyer, and tech entrepreneur Andrew Yang.

Sen. Kamala Harris of California dropped out of the presidential race last week despite having already qualified for the debate.

“We’re in this thing, and we’ll fight to the last breath,” Demissie vowed.

Author: AP Reports

Source: Western Journal: Cory Booker Claims He’s on ‘Path to Victory’ Despite Not Making Debate Cut

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