The recent report from Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz confirms that America’s government is being attacked from within, Judge Jeanine Pirro said Saturday on her Fox News show.

“We now have confirmation, corroboration that the deep state exists,” Pirro said on “Justice With Judge Jeanine,” referring to the shadowy network of insiders President Donald Trump has confronted throughout his presidency.

The report addressed Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrants for former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page, but was also a wider window on the conduct of the FBI. In his report Horowitz said the FBI did not launch its probe out of bias, but did say that 17 significant errors were made in the documentation that allowed an American citizen to be spied upon.

Pirro’s conclusion was more blunt.

The deep state “worked to spy on and frame a presidential candidate and plant the seed for his overthrow in the ugliest, most corrupt attempted political coup in U.S. history,” she said.

“That it occurred at all, is stunning. But that it was manipulated to take down a president and remove him from office almost as soon as we put him there, essentially overthrowing a government, is an outrage that demands the most severe consequence our criminal justice system has to offer.”

“And although the warrant was to surveil American citizen Carter Page, in truth Page was nothing more than the window through which to view and investigate Donald Trump,” Pirro said.

“Thereafter every one of the 17 errors that the inspector general identified was indicative of the desire to get Donald Trump to continue spying and wiretapping. That’s right, I said it, spy.”

“So Donald Trump was right from the beginning. He said they were spying on him and wiretapping him, and they made fun of him, and they ridiculed and condemned him and belittled him,” she added.

“And although his law enforcement terminology may not have been on point, he was right. Wasn’t he? And every one of the 17 errors identified by the I.G. going against the president and in favor of the radical leftist ideologues indicate no conclusion other than bias.”

Pirro noted that the conclusions of the Horowitz reported were called into question by both Attorney General William Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham. Durham is also investigating the beginning of what would mushroom into the investigation of the Trump campaign for alleged collusion with Russia.

“The Comey FBI counterintelligence division believes they can investigate anyone based on what someone heard in a bar and then run with it. But these guys, they didn’t just run with it, they took every left turn and ran every red light in their effort to get their man,” Pirro said, referring to former FBI Director James Comey.

Pirro said the report makes it difficult to believe that all the errors were just happenstance.

“The I.G. admits there were significant inaccuracies and omissions and that agents failed to meet their basic obligations. He made clear, the I.G., that every step of this operation was briefed up to the highest level of the FBI. That’d be Comey,” she said.

“They found there were, quote, so many basic and fundamental errors made by three separate hand-picked teams on one of the most sensitive FBI investigations. There was a failure of not only the operational team, but the managers, the supervisors and the senior officials in the chain of command.”

“So what do you think the chances of that are? Do you really think that there is no bias when everyone on three different experienced teams, all supposedly smart, all make the same mistakes, all against Donald Trump?” she asked.

Pirro answered her own question.

“Every FBI agent is smart. They were trained. Every one of these agents had years of law school training, courtroom experience. The chances of every one of those getting every one of the 17 mistakes wrong that work in their favor against Donald Trump is slim to none. And it ends up in a four-letter word. Bias. And although Cardinal Jim Comey says ‘I feel vindicated,’ the truth is that even dull, dry Horowitz makes the truth clear,” she said.

Author: Jack Davis

Source: Western Journal: Judge Jeanine Says There Is Now Enough Proof ‘That the Deep State Exists’

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