Trump cares about America’s service men and women and he proves it all the time.

On Christmas Eve, he did a teleconference with troops overseas to wish them a merry Christmas.

The Hill reports:

Trump speaks with military members on Christmas Eve

President Trump on Tuesday held a video teleconference with U.S. military members around the world, sending them well-wishes over the holidays and thanking them for their service.

“I want to wish you an amazing Christmas and a happy New Year,” said Trump, who is at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Palm Beach, Fla. “You are tremendous warriors and we appreciate it so much.”

“Because of your brave and selfless service, Americans can celebrate Christmas in safety and in peace,” Trump told the service members. “We all appreciate you so much.”

Trump, sitting at a desk in an office at Mar-a-Lago decorated with an American flag, spoke with members of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and Coast Guard, who were displayed on a large video monitor.

The president touted the recently signed defense bill that gives the military a pay raise and establishes Space Force, a sixth branch of the military long sought by the Trump administration.

You can see some pictures in the tweets below:

Here’s a video:

Keep our troops in your prayers.

And have a Merry Christmas!

Author: Mike LaChance

Source: American Lookout: Trump Held Teleconference With Troops On Christmas Eve To Wish Them A Merry Christmas

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