We’ve got some strange things going on with regard to race.

For months now, thousands of violent rioters — the vast, vast majority of them evidently Caucasian — have taken to the streets bearing the banner of “Black Lives Matter.”

While screaming at black people in uniforms.

And raging about things having nothing to do with race, like the right to own their own business (capitalism) and the ability to keep from getting dead (anti-anarchical law enforcement).

Meanwhile, the official organization Black Lives Matter™ — led by “trained Marxists” — lists among its objectives a rebellion against family.

And the Smithsonian is telling us things such as hard work, planning for the future, science, rigid time schedules, aesthetics, justice, competition, and individualism are inherently white.

Here’s another: To hear the media tell it, only the pale prefer the President.

Joe Biden agrees — if you don’t vote for him, “you ain’t black.”

But surprise: Many actual black individuals own their own businesses, show up on time, work hard to compete, and do it in style — like artists.

And they don’t all think alike.

That was made clear in Los Angeles this weekend, as black supporters marched with flags touting “Trump 2020.”

One of the event’s leaders gave the mainstream media narrative a bit of What For:

“Amidst the scorn, and despite being called c**ns and Uncle Tom’s, a few of us black Trump supporters took to the front to head a collective march thru the streets of Los Angeles, as we all showed support for America, Trump, and our police.”

He topped it off with a clever hashtag: #BLACKLIVESMAGA.

Bonus: #liberalsworstnightmare

As you can see beneath the scene’s red muscle shirt, that screen name — “MAGA Hulk” — is no joke.

The march got some online love:

Black conservatism’s been a trending topic for a quite while — see #Blexit.

And there’s this, courtesy of The Daily Wire:

In early July, noted black conservative radio host Larry Elder released his documentary Uncle Tom, of which he stated, “The Uncle Tom movie…asks a very simple question: Why can’t we have an intelligent, healthy discussion within the Black community without a whole cadre of well-educated, bright, thoughtful Black people being maligned and discarded as sellouts? What’s prompting this?”

Elder added, “The so-called war on poverty was launched in the 1960s … And what the welfare state has done, in my opinion, is incentivize Black women to marry the government, and allow men to abandon their financial and moral responsibilities to their families. We’ve gone from 25 percent of Black kids born outside wedlock in 1965 to nearly 70 percent now. You cannot attribute that to Jim Crow and racism. It has to do with bad government policy.”

There’s a lot of “bad government” going around. And according to UCLA data collected before the death of George Floyd, young black Americans may be more likely than their folks to believe it’s compliments of Democrats.


The data collected from April 2-May 13 by the Democracy Fund + UCLA Nationscape project, an initiative that conducted weekly surveys of thousands of potential voters for nearly a year, found that 29% of percent of black voters ages 30-44 and 21% ages 18-29 have a “very favorable” or “somewhat favorable” view of President Trump. This compares to just 14% of black voters 45-64 and 9% of those 65 and older.

So considering all the above, where are we headed? What does November hold, and will all those white BLM rioters vote? How could they — they’d be taking part in an evil system.

One thing’s for sure: Someone’s skin color doesn’t tell you anything about their politics. Or, really — despite what some may believe — anything else.


Author: Alex Parker

Source: Red State: Democrats’ Worst Nightmare: Black Trump Supporters March in Los Angeles, Champion #BlackLivesMAGA

Five protesters who say they’ve taken part in several Black Lives Matter demonstrations in Seattle are suing the city, claiming that the Seattle Police Department’s aggressive crowd control measures have forced them to purchase expensive protective gear, essentially “pricing” them out of exercising their First Amendment rights.

The suit, filed Monday, is the latest in a series of lawsuits directed at Seattle city government and Seattle Police Department over how law enforcement officials handle BLM and other associated demonstrations. The ACLU of Washington filed suit in early June alleging that Seattle police exceeded their authority when they used tear gas, flashbang grenades, and rubber bullets to handle ongoing protests that, at the time, were threatening to become riots.

Several lawsuits are pending against the city of Seattle for tolerating the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest, an “autonomous zone” that cropped up inside the city around a police precinct. Residents and business owners have alleged that the city failed to enforce the law when they allowed the demonstration to remain in place for more than two weeks; the parent of a black teen killed on the perimeter of the protest is also suing, alleging that Seattle’s failure to enforce its own laws contributed to her son’s death.

Monday’s lawsuit focuses on police tactics as well but from a different angle, according to the Seattle Times.

“The five plaintiffs in the lawsuit allege that the purchase of helmets, gas masks, protective clothing, goggles, gloves, boots, umbrellas and other gear they say are needed to fend off police pepper spray, less-lethal projectiles and other crowd-dispersal tools has impinged on their civil right to peacefully protest,” the outlet noted.

The five women were involved in protests in the Capitol Hill zone, and they “claim that repeated use of force by SPD during more than six weeks of civil unrest over systemic racism and police brutality against people of color has made it impossible to exercise their right to gather and protest without personal protective gear, which isn’t cheap.”

“Because protesters now must purchase expensive equipment to be assured that they will be able to protest safely, the indiscriminate use of weapons by SPD implicates equal protection,” the women allege in their complaint.

Government entities cannot place restrictions on First Amendment activity, within certain parameters of the law as set forth by the Supreme Court, but Monday’s lawsuit is a novel approach to “free speech” litigation, contending that the government, by its actions, placed an undue burden on those exercising their rights.

The plaintiffs’ attorney likened the situation to governments placing a “tax” on protesters: “the government effect is to establish a de facto protest tax: individual protesters subjected to SPD’s unabated and indiscriminate violence now must purchase cost-prohibitive gear to withstand munitions — even when peacefully protesting — as a condition to exercising their right to free speech and peaceable assembly,” she said.

Seattle says it has yet to look into the plaintiffs’ claims but plans to defend itself.

Author: Emily Zanotti

Source: Daily Wire: BLM Sues City Of Seattle, Claims They Must Purchase Expensive Protective Gear To Exercise First Amendment Rights

The ads, titled “On Hold,” were placed in Arizona, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin

A pro-Trump ad was removed from Facebook after claims that it contained false information, Fox News has learned.

America First Action PAC on Tuesday told Fox News that Facebook removed one of its ads, titled “On Hold,” which was placed in Arizona, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin on July 24. The ad was flagged by Politifact on July 29, according to the PAC.

“Facebook’s decision to take down this ad shows its anti-conservative bias,” America First Communications Director Kelly Sadler told Fox News. “America First Action has logged an appeal, but the threat of anti-conservative bias, targeting, and censorship remains ahead of Election Day in November and we must be vigilant in holding big tech, like Facebook accountable.”

Sadler, during an interview on Fox Business on Tuesday, added that this “is just more bias from these social media companies.”

“We’re going to file an appeal, but there’s really little we can do about it,” she told host Stuart Varney. “These social media giants are monopolies, and ultimately they make the decision of what runs on their platform.”

Facebook confirmed to Fox News on Tuesday that the ad had, in fact, been fact-checked. A Facebook spokesperson told Fox News that ads that are fact-checked and found to contain false information are not eligible to run as a paid ad on the social media platform.

The spokesman added that the videos can, instead, run as original content on the group’s page.

America First Action, though, said certain versions of the ad were removed in particular states, but the Facebook spokesman said that once the ad was fact-checked as false, all versions would be removed from the platform.

The Facebook spokesperson said that if any version of the ad was still running on the platform, it would be due to a lag in Facebook’s fact-checking system.

The ad in question was titled “On Hold,” and shows a woman calling 9-1-1 and being put on hold. The ad moves to show Democratic nominee former Vice President Joe Biden saying “yes,” with a “defund the police?” banner.

The ad is currently marked on Facebook with a label saying: “False Information. Checked by independent fact-checkers.”

Facebook’s fact-checking comes as members of the Trump administration and prominent Republicans have claimed that social media platforms have censored right-leaning viewpoints.

Attorney General William Barr told Fox News in June that social media platforms are “engaged in censorship” and are acting more like “publishers.”

“They originally held themselves out as open forums where people, where the third parties could come and express their views and they built up a tremendous network of eyeballs,” Barr said on “Special Report” in June.

“They had a lot of market power based on that presentation,” the attorney general added. “And now they are acting much more like publishers because they’re censoring particular viewpoints and putting their own content in there to diminish the impact of various people’s views.”

Twitter, earlier this summer, slapped a warning label on one of President Trump’s tweets for the first time, cautioning readers that despite the president’s claims, “fact checkers” say there is “no evidence” that expanded, nationwide mail-in voting would increase fraud risks — and that “experts say mail-in ballots are very rarely linked to voter fraud.”

Within minutes, Trump accused Twitter of “interfering in the 2020 Presidential Election,” that the platform “is completely stifling FREE SPEECH” and vowing: “I, as President, will not allow it to happen!”

Two days later, the president signed an executive order that interprets Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996 as not providing statutory liability protections for tech companies that engage in censorship and political conduct. It also cuts federal funding for social media platforms that censor users’ political views.

Author: Sally Persons, Brooke Singman

Source: Fox News: Facebook removes pro-Trump ad aimed at Joe Biden, claiming false information

Antifa at work.

Senator Mazie Hirono (D-HI) is one of the deep thinkers in the Democrat party today.

On Tuesday Mazie attended a hearing on Antifa where she refused to denounce the domestic terror group.

Then she grabbed her things and left the hearing.

Not on Democrat Senator would denounce the violent Antifa terrorist movement.

Antifa bombs.

Author: Jim Hoft

Source: The Gateway Pundit: Antifa-Apologist Mazie Hirono Refuses to Denounce Antifa – Then Walks Out of Briefing (VIDEO)

The Trump administration has taken human trafficking head on and this latest decision furthers their efforts to aid in the battle against it.

Attorney General William Barr, Ivanka Trump and other Justice Department officials for domestic policy and human trafficking announced Tuesday during a roundtable that the Department of Justice (DOJ) is awarding over $35 million to provide housing and services to victims of human trafficking.

The grants will go to 73 organizations to provide between six months and two years of transitional housing assistance for trafficking victims. They will also fund support to help victims find permanent housing and employment as well as occupational training and counseling.

“In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, combating human trafficking in the U.S. and abroad is critical work. DOJ’s grant recipients are on the frontlines of this fight, ensuring that survivors across our country are afforded safe and stable housing and empowered with the support and resources they need to rebuild their lives,” said Trump advisor Ivanka Trump

Executives from organizations including Camillus House Inc., Alternatives for Girls, Jordan Community Resource Center and the U.S. Advisory Council on Human Trafficking will appear at the event, joined by some survivors of human trafficking.

“I am incredibly honored to join Attorney General Barr to highlight these organizations and their tireless and vital work.”

AG Barr issued a statement saying, “Throughout this Administration, the Department of Justice has fought aggressively to bring human traffickers to justice and to deliver critical aid to trafficking survivors. These new resources, announced today, expand on our efforts to offer those who have suffered the shelter and support they need to begin a new and better life.”

The DOJ’s Office of Justice Programs (OJP), Principal Deputy Assistant AG Katherine Sullivan explained that offering housing was particularly crucial for victims of human trafficking. “Human traffickers dangle the threat of homelessness over those they have entrapped, playing a ruthless game of psychological manipulation that victims are never in a position to win,” she said.

In January President Trump announced an executive order to combat human trafficking, with goals to assist victims, hold offenders to stricter prosecution and improve education to prevent future trafficking schemes.

“I signed nine pieces of legislation into law that directly prevent human trafficking, and we’re just getting started,” President Trump said in January.

During a trip to Atlanta in January to visit nonprofit groups that help victims, Ivanka Trump compared trafficking to “modern-day slavery” and said the White House is committed to ending it.

Ivanka also announced in January that the president would be proposing a significant budget increase of $42 million for 2021 to support victims and efforts to prosecute criminals who take part in human trafficking.

Human trafficking is believed to be one of the largest-scale crimes in the world, with 24.9 million people trapped by human traffickers who make more than $150 billion in annual profit for the industry.

President Trump has done far more than any of his predecessors to combat this horrific form of crime putting it at the top of his administration’s list of priorities.

“He is now number two in jerseys sales…”

It turns out that bucking woke trends may be good for business, because jersey sales for Orlando Magic player Jonathan Isaac have been surging since he decided to stand alone for the national anthem last Friday, becoming the first NBA player to do so amid the current spate of Black Lives Matter activism.

“Two days after the Magic’s game on Friday, Isaac’s jersey sales surged on the NBA’s store,” reports Fox News. “As of Sunday, Isaac’s jersey is the second-best seller on the league’s website behind only Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James.”

Top Ball Coverage tweeted, “Jonathan Isaac’s jersey sales have skyrocketed after he stood for the National Anthem. He is now number two in jerseys sales among players only behind LeBron James.”

Isaac also chose to wear his team jersey and did not wear a Black Lives Matter shirt like his other teammates. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with a torn ACL on Sunday night after going down with an injury in a game against the Sacramento Kings. Speaking with reporters after the game, Isaac said a lot of thought went into his decision to stand, citing his Christian faith.

“Do you believe that black lives matter?” a reporter asked Isaac afterward.

“Absolutely. I believe that Black Lives Matter,” he said. “A lot went into my decision, and part of it is, I thought that kneeling or wearing the Black Lives Matter T-shirt doesn’t go hand-in-hand with supporting Black lives. So I felt like, just me personally, what is that I believe is taking on a stance that, I do believe that Black lives matter, but I just felt like it was a decision that I had to make, and I didn’t feel like putting that shirt on and kneeling went hand-in-hand with supporting Black lives. I believe that for myself.”

“My life has been supported through the gospel, Jesus Christ, everyone is made in the image of God and that we all fall short of God’s glory, and that each and every one of us each and every day do things that we shouldn’t do, we say things that we shouldn’t say, we hate and dislike people that we shouldn’t hate and dislike, and sometimes it gets to a point where we point fingers about whose evil is worse, and sometimes it comes down to simply whose evil is most visible,” Isaac continued.

Sports commentator Tony Dungy heaped praise upon Isaac for standing for the National Anthem, saying that people should listen to him.

“We’ve said people should be able to exercise their right to kneel during the National Anthem and we should listen & hear their reasons why,” Dungy said on Twitter. “When Jonathan Isaac chooses to stand we should do the same.”

“He explained his reasons very clearly-he wants to stand in prayer,” he added. “I say Amen!”

Dungy even said he would often pray during the National Anthem as a coach. “I stood and prayed during every National Anthem for the 13 years I was a head coach,” he said. “I think God is concerned about our attitude when coming to Him more so than our posture.”

Sports journalist Jason Whitlock also said: “Jonathan Issac… The walk of a Christian is the path least traveled. Issac bows to Jesus, not social media branding. He’s walking the walk!”

Author: Paul Bois

Source: Daily Wire: Jersey Sales Soar For Orlando Magic’s Jonathan Isaac After He Stood Alone For National Anthem

The Daily Mail UK obtained George Floyd police bodycam footage which shows the moments before and during Floyd’s arrest.

George Floyd died on May 25 after Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin knelt on his neck for 8 minutes during an arrest.

Officers were called to the scene after George Floyd used a counterfeit $20 bill to buy cigarettes at a convenient store.

The bodycam footage shows George Floyd wailing in pain before any of the cops touched him.

Floyd also kept telling the officers he’s claustrophobic as a way to resist arrest. He said over and over again, “I can’t breathe” after the police officers put him in the back of the cruiser.

Police officers knew he was on drugs.

George Floyd, who had an extensive criminal history, resisted arrest – he resisted as police officers tried to put him in the back of the cruiser.

Transcripts of the arrest were previously released, and on Monday for first time the full police bodycam footage was released to the public.

WATCH (video via Daily Mail):

Author: Cristina Laila

Source: The Gateway Pundit: George Floyd Police Bodycam Footage Released – Floyd Resisted Arrest, Said He ‘Couldn’t Breathe’ While Standing and Breathing (VIDEO)

Former President Barack Obama made his first round of endorsements on Monday and progressive Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York did not make the list.

“I’m proud to endorse this diverse and hopeful collection of thoughtful, empathetic, and highly qualified Democrats. Together, these candidates will help us redeem our country’s promise by sticking up for working class people, restoring fairness and opportunity to our system, and fighting for the good of all Americans — not just those at the top,” Obama wrote on Medium.

“They make me optimistic not just about our party’s chances in November, but about our country’s future long after that. So if you’re in one of their districts or states, make sure you vote for them this fall. And if you can, vote early — by mail or in person,” he posted.

Obama endorsed 118 candidates in 17 states. He office said another round of endorsements will follow, Fox News reported.

In 2018, when Obama first named the Democrats he supported, Ocasio-Cortez was not mentioned.

Later that year, Ocasio-Cortez defeated House Democratic Caucus Chairman Joe Crowley in the Democratic primary in New York’s 14th Congressional District. Eventually, the former president supported Ocasio-Cortez in his second wave of endorsements, according to The Hill.

Twitter users noticed that Ocasio-Cortez was once again not a first-round pick.

On the website of commentator Dan Bongino, Matt Palumbo noted that “It’s somewhat refreshing that for all crazy as the Democrat Party has become, Obama is at least willing to draw the line somewhere. For now.”

Democratic Rep. Max Rose of New York, who was endorsed by the former president, had lashed out at Ocasio-Cortez’s recent failed effort to limit online military recruitment.

“This is incredibly insulting as it perpetuates the limousine liberal trope that soldiers are idiots who only get duped into enlisting,” Rose told the New York Post.

Obama also endorsed first-time progressive candidate Jamaal Bowman, who defeated longtime Rep. Eliot Engel in the Democratic primary in New York’s 16th Congressional District.

Bowman said he would take on the “system” if elected to Congress in the fall.

“So tonight as we celebrate, we don’t just celebrate me as an individual, we celebrate this movement, a movement designed to push back against a system that’s literally killing us. It’s killing black and brown bodies disproportionately, but it’s killing all of us,” he said at a campaign speech, according to The Hill.

“The results show that this district is demanding change. This is what this district has been waiting for, this is what this country has been waiting for, and we are all here now together. So I am excited, I am happy, I am fired up,” he went on.

“I cannot wait to get to Congress and cause problems for the people in there who have been maintaining a status quo that is literally killing our children.”

Author: Jack Davis

Source: Western Journal : Obama Looks To Make His Mark on 2020 Elections with 118 Endorsements – But Skips a Notable Name

As Antifa and Black Lives Matter Riots continue to ravage the country, Republican Senator Ted Cruz is looking to expose these riots for what they truly are, calling them, “organized terror attacks.”

“Across the country, we’re seeing horrific violence, we’re seeing our country torn apart. Violent anarchists and Marxists are exploiting protests to transform them into riots and direct assaults on the lives and safety of their fellow Americans,” Cruz said during an interview.

On Tuesday, Cruz will chair a hearing of the Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on the Constitution to investigate groups such as Antifa, who have stoked violence in communities across the U.S. after the death of George Floyd.

The hearing is called “The Right of the People Peaceably to Assemble: Protecting Speech by Stopping Anarchist Violence.”

“These violent riots are not spontaneous, nor are they mere coincidences. Instead, the evidence suggests they are organized terror attacks designed to instill fear and tear down the fundamental institutions of government. This hearing is designed to understand who is driving the violence, who is driving the assaults, who is driving the murders, and what their objective is,” Cruz said.

Speakers will include Acting Deputy Homeland Security Secretary Ken Cuccinelli, journalist Andy Ngo and law professor Jonathan Turley. It comes after two months of protests and violent riots hit downtown Portland, where rioters have attacked the Hatfield Courthouse and clashed with federal law enforcement protecting it.

“The hearing will assess who is driving the violence, who is driving the assaults, who is driving the fires, who is driving the explosions, who is driving the murders, why are they doing so, how are they doing so and what do they hope to achieve through violent acts of terror?” Cruz said.

Cruz will also steer the hearing to take a look at the radical Marxist group Black Lives Matter. Cruz says the phrase “black lives matter” is “unquestionably true” but that the organization is a danger to us all.

“The actual organization denominated Black Lives Matter was created by avowed Marxists pursuing a radical agenda including defunding police departments across the country and that agenda, if implemented, would have the consequence of a great many more Black lives being lost,” Cruz said.

While Cruz remains hopeful that Republicans and Democrats can find common ground in the Senate to condemn these dangerous groups the Democrats past support for them makes that a challenging proposition.

Cruz said, “All of us should be able to come together and say ‘don’t assault other Americans, don’t burn their homes or businesses to the ground, don’t murder police officers.’”

Law enforcement in Portland were blinded by lasers, assaulted and doxed online. Democrats, meanwhile, both on the local and federal level, backed these bloodthirsty anarchists by lending them support while criticizing the president’s necessary response to them.

“When Nancy Pelosi calls federal law enforcement officers stormtroopers and that is a term that hearkens back to Nazi Germany, when she wrongfully alleges that they are kidnapping Americans, that is a grotesque lie, and a slander and it endangers the lives of law enforcement,” he said.

“It reflects the very unfortunate political determination that a lot of Democrats have made — that given the choice between standing with innocent Americans or violent terrorists seeking to hurt their fellow citizens, to date too many of them have stood with terrorists,” he said.

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) is a leading non-partisan professional association of physicians across the United States.

Today the AAPS filed a motion for a preliminary injunction to compel the release to the public of hydroxychloroquine by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS).

Here are two charts that show hydroxychloroquine’s effectiveness in treating the coronavirus.

And here is another chart proving the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine.

What makes things worse is the fact that the federal government, the FDA and HHS, are withholding 100 million doses of hydroxychloroquine that were donated to these agencies from the public.

Advertisement – story continues below

The government already has the drug! They only have to distribute it.

Fauci is pushing fraudulent information to the public.
And tens of thousands of Americans have died due to his mistakes!

And Fauci continues to push the ridiculous notion that hydroxychloroquine treatments are not successful in treating the coronavirus.

Via The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS):

Today the Association of American Physicians & Surgeons filed its motion for a preliminary injunction to compel release to the public of hydroxychloroquine by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS), in AAPS v. HHS, No. 1:20-cv-00493-RJJ-SJB (W.D. Mich.). Nearly 100 million doses of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) were donated to these agencies, and yet they have not released virtually any of it to the public.

Millions of Americans fear attending political gatherings, religious services, and even large family get-togethers without the availability of early treatment if they were to contract COVID-19. Why should Americans have to wait until they or a loved one is on a ventilator before they gain access to medication to overcome this virus?

“Why does the government continue to withhold more than 60 million doses of HCQ from the public?” asks Jane Orient, M.D., the Executive Director of AAPS. “This potentially life-saving medication is wasting away in government warehouses while Americans are dying from COVID-19.”

Today AAPS files its motion for a preliminary injunction to compel the government to release HCQ from its stockpile to the public, which could then immediately benefit from it. Reports of an uptick in COVID-19 in Arizona and elsewhere could then be handled without irrational, unjustified limitations on this medication imposed by the FDA.

AAPS agrees with President Trump’s adviser Peter Navarro, Ph.D., who decries the obstruction by officials within the FDA to making this medication available to the public. President Trump himself has successfully taken this medication as a preventative measure, so why can’t ordinary Americans?

Author: Jim Hoft

Source: The Gateway Pundit: These Two Charts Should Land Dr. Fauci in Prison

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