As his impeachment trial continues, the Supreme Court gave President Trump a win on Monday on immigration. In a vote of 5-4, the justices gave the Trump administration the green light to stop giving green cards to immigrants they believe will rely on public assistance, such as housing and health care.

The ruling lifts a nationwide injunction that was enforced by a federal judge in New York.

In its ruling, the Court notes that it would be “delusional” for anyone to think this decision “suffices to remedy the problem.”

“I concur in the Court’s decision to issue a stay,” Justice Neil Gorsuch writes in the concurrence. “But I hope, too, that we might at an appropriate juncture take up some of the underlying equitable and constitutional questions raised by the rise of nationwide injunctions.”

Author: Cortney O’Brien

Source: Town Hall: SCOTUS Gives Trump Admin the Green Light on Limiting Green Cards

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