A news clip from 1987 finds multiple examples of former Vice President Joe Biden appearing to lie about his background and plagiarizing other politicians during the 1988 presidential campaign.

The video — which appears to be multiple segments compiled together — starts out with a news clip highlighting then-presidential hopeful and Democratic Sen. Joe Biden‘s comments during his appearance at the Iowa State Fair where he “used phrases identical” to that of British Labour Party Leader Neal Kinnock.

The video posted on Twitter reads, “In 1987 Joe Biden was proven to be a pathological liar. In 1987, when Joe Biden was running for President, he did not get caught in a lie — he got caught in at least 9 lies. They engulfed his entire campaign and almost derailed his political career.”


When running for office, @JoeBiden does not just have gaffes or embellishments, he creates wildly fictional storylines about his life and work that simply are not true.

These are lies. And he tells them to get votes and build a rep he has not earned.pic.twitter.com/FUjALdqA3C

— Shaun King (@shaunking) January 30, 2020

The reporter on the clip goes on to note that “Biden seems to be claiming Kinnock’s vision and life as his own.”

Author: Katie Jerkovich

Source: Daily Caller: FLASHBACK: This 1987 News Segment On Joe Biden Appears To Catch The Presidential Hopeful Lying Over And Over Again

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