Bernie Sanders claims he is a “Democratic Socialist” who prioritizes environmentalism and economic equality. He wants to heavily tax billionaires and give away their wealth through government programs. All so we can be equal, right? But Bernie has a dirty little secret he doesn’t want his socialist supporters to know about. Here it is.

Ah, Bernie. He tries so hard to appear as a “man of the people.” His bogus socialist platform is aimed at appealing to disenfranchised workers and selfish college students—who think they deserve something for nothing. He claims to be “woke,” so he can bamboozle Millennial and Zoomer social justice warriors, who hate the rich for their success.

Sanders attacks Donald Trump, saying the billionaire-turned president doesn’t care about regular people. Oh, really? Then why did President Trump score some of the most significant trade deals in American history? Trade deals specifically designed to bring jobs and investment to American soil? And why did Donald Trump pass criminal reform—helping thousands of incarcerated Americans (who can’t even vote for him)?

But Bernie has plenty of secrets he doesn’t want his supporters to know about. Like, while he rails against the richest “one percent” of our society, he himself is considered a member of this group. He is worth millions and owns numerous homes. He often makes a show of flying regular airlines and associating with us common folk, but how much he paid for private jets will outrage his base.

The Washington Free Beacon reports that Sanders’ campaign spent an astounding $1.2 million on private jets during the last quarter of 2019 — more, even, than former Vice President Joe Biden and billionaire presidential candidate, former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Sanders’ Federal Election Commission filings reveal that the “Democratic socialist” shelled out $1,199,579 to Apollo Jets, LLC, a “luxury private jet charter service,” per the Free Beacon, even though his own campaign views private air travel as one of the top contributors to climate change (and as a luxury of the rich, to boot). The campaign paid an additional $23,941 to a Virginia-based private pilot service. [Source: Daily Wire]

Uh-oh! Bernie Sanders spent $1,200,000 on private flights, just in the last quarter of 2019 alone! That’s more than what Joe Biden and Michael Bloomberg paid.

This is pretty bad for several reasons. One, the guy is pushing radical environmental policy. Like all 2020 Democrats, Sanders wants to impose heavy environmental regulations on American businesses. Much like Obama’s, these regulations will function like stealth taxes, stifling innovation and causing our economy to crash. Sanders says it’s all in the name of “saving” the earth.

But if he’s so determined to punish us to help the environment, why is he flying on gas-guzzling (and carbon-emitting) private jets?

Worse than that, Sanders pretends to be “one of us.” He has been photographed flying on commercial airlines in the coach seats (and often in first-class). His supporters make a big deal about how he refuses to be treated better than anyone else.
I guess, when no one’s looking, he’s taking out the private jet for a spin. Not only is he spending a fortune on private jet flights, but he’s spent nearly twice the amount of other Democrat candidates.

Kind of puts all those “I’m asking you for your support” ads from Bernie into perspective, huh? He was begging supporters for cash—because he spent all his on jets!

Not only that, but his campaign has “stepped up” its use of private jets in 2020. In order to get back and forth from Iowa to D.C. (to attend Senate impeachment hearings), Sanders has used private jet service Apollo Jets.

Not very green and not very equal of him? Sanders bombards online users for contributions, yet he spends the cash—not on meaningful campaign efforts—but fancy flights on private jets.

Isn’t that the very thing he criticizes other “elites” of doing?

Donald Trump may be a billionaire, but at least he means what he says. He cares about regular Americans—and has the record to prove it.

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