It’s no secret that liberal-run California is sinking under a mountain of filth. San Francisco is the worst, with unchecked homelessness and feces flowing through the streets. One tireless Trump supporter mustered support to help clean up some of the debris. This is how San Franciscans thanked him.

Scott Presler is a young Trump supporter leading a revolution. He has inspired countless patriots to join him in efforts to clean up cities across the country. A sad reality is that major cities (run by Democrats) have turned into virtual hell holes.

Trash lines the streets, there is poverty everywhere. And in some special places, you can find human feces and drug needles everywhere.

Presler wasn’t satisfied with this situation. So, using social media, he’s organized cleanups across the country. To date, he’s gone to Baltimore, Chicago, Los Angeles, Portland, Newark, and Philadelphia. He and his volunteers have collected a total of 105 tons of trash.

Along the way, he’s raised awareness of what Trump has been doing to help all Americans. And Scott’s pushed to get many Americans active and registered to vote.

Then he went to San Francisco. Stories abound of just how the City by the Bay has fallen on hard times. Their radical, far-left government has left the city in near ruins. Presler and his team did not let them stop them from their clean up efforts.

But how locals reacted was not something they were ready for.

Although he is not surprised some people are opposed to the president, he was taken aback when he and 150 others volunteers — some traveling from as far away as Los Angeles and Utah — were verbally assaulted while collected garbage from the streets of San Francisco.

“I never thought I would see the day I’d be protested for picking up trash,” Presler told Breitbart News.
Presler took video footage of the protesters where he was asking them to help with the clean up as they flipped him off and yelled over and over, “Go home bigot.”

[H]e was shocked at what they found last weekend in San Francisco where 40 construction-size garbage bags were filled over four hours.

“In every other city I’ve never seen the problem of human feces like I did in San Francisco,” Presler said. [Source: Breitbart]

Presler is an open Trump supporter, but he’s also volunteering his time and energy to help cities. Yet when he arrived at San Francisco, he was assaulted by locals with abuse. Protestors actually arrived to oppose his efforts at cleaning up their city.

Can you believe this? These idiots were calling him a bigot for trying to bag up garbage. Democrats voted to turn a once cherished city into a waste dump. Then they attacked the volunteers who were trying to clean it up.

A pretty good analogy for what they want to do to the entire country. Democrats (through Obama and others) tried to turn America into a wasteland. Now, they are attacking patriotic Americans and Donald Trump for trying to turn it all around.

A lesser person would have left SF to wallow in its own filth. Not Presler and his team. The filled 40 construction-sized bags with garbage for over four hours. A heroic effort, but I fear it only scratched the surface of the city’s problem.

In other cities, locals thanked this team and even pitched in. He was able to win over people and get them to register to vote.

Not in San Francisco. This city of elitist, self-righteous liberals can’t even appreciate someone when he tries to save them. They insult the very people they should be thanking.

Now ask yourself this: do you think Democrats are any different in any other part of the country? How do you think they’d behave if they took back the government?

I think you know the answer to that.

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