House Democrats blocked a GOP resolution that would have rebuked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for ripping up President Trump’s State of the Union address.

The motion was tabled by a vote of 224-193 along party lines.

Republicans drafted the measure Wednesday, the day after Pelosi shredded the document as she stood at the podium behind Trump, who had just concluded his one-hour, 18-minute address to a joint session of Congress.

“While still presiding over the joint session, Speaker Pelosi ripped up an official copy of the President’s remarks, which contained the names and stories of these patriots who sacrificed so much for our country,” the resolution said. “Whereas the conduct of Speaker Pelosi was a breach of decorum and degraded the proceedings of the joint session, to the discredit of the House, be it resolved that the House of Representatives disapproves of the behavior of Speaker Pelosi during the joint session of Congress held on February 4, 2020.”

While Republicans denounced Pelosi’s actions and widely praised Trump’s address, Democrats gave Pelosi a standing ovation for the move when she met with them privately the next day.

Trump’s address praised the economic gains and touted his own accomplishments, including trade agreements, tax cuts, and criminal justice reform.

Pelosi said she had to tear up the speech because it was not truthful.

On Thursday, she called his address “appalling” and said it resembled a reality television program.

Author: Susan Ferrechio

Source: Washington Examiner: Democrats block move to rebuke Pelosi for shredding Trump speech

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