The Democrats ran a bogus impeachment through the House, coercing their party to pass it. After weeks of a Senate trial, impeachment was killed with a vote to acquit. The entire affair has more than a few Americans reeling—and asking, what next? One GOP senator has an idea that will stop Democrats from using impeachment as a political weapon ever again.

The standard for impeaching a president, according to the Constitution, is “high crimes and misdemeanors.” What does that sound like to you? Something so serious, so severe, that a united Congress has no choice but to act.

Our founding fathers did this for a reason. Impeachment is the nuclear option. It is an act to remove a man elected by the American people. It is not to be done lightly.

However, the wild partisan left—infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome—pushed through a rushed, botched, and largely dishonest impeachment, voted along party lines.

Actually, that’s not true. Three Democrats refused to vote to impeach Donald Trump (one even jumped parties).

Did anything Trump do—or what they accused him of doing—amount to high crimes? Of course not. They tried to remove him over a phone call. President Trump had a duty to investigate possible corruption by a former vice president and potential future president. The Democrats used a phony whistleblower complaint (much like the phony Russian dossier) to justify their bogus impeachment.

And why were they able to do this, throwing the country into chaos? Because the law requires only a majority vote in the House to impeach the president. Clearly, with the House in Democrats’ hands, they could easily get that vote. They ignored established rules and norms to force it. Some reports suggest Pelosi personally threatened to withhold funding to Democrats running for re-election.

They made a mockery of our system, all for political gain. But now a Republican has a solution that will stop this from ever happening again.

Fresh off the Senate impeachment trial that resulted in President Trump’s acquittal, Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla., is calling for an amendment to the Constitution that would make it more difficult for presidents to be impeached.

Scott’s amendment would require a super-majority of three-fifths of the House of Representatives in order to approve articles of impeachment, instead of the current standard which is a simple majority. [Source: Fox News]

Let’s get real here, for a second. There have only been two impeachments in the history of our country before today. That’s because it’s such a serious event. Yet the Democrats lowered the standards of impeachment to a phone call. What do you think will happen in the future?

Any time a rival party gets control of the House, they can impeach for no reason whatsoever. As long as they have the votes, they can abuse their power for political reasons. Democrats have disgraced the integrity of our government, because they hate how successful Trump has been.

Scott’s amendment would preserve the integrity of our Constitution and the impeachment process. It won’t be easy to get three-fifths of the House to vote. That means impeachment would be restored to the rare and serious process it was meant to be.

It might be a long road in getting this amendment passed, but it’s a start. Lawmakers have no right to remove a duly-elected president, over partisan, political reasons. They need to learn that the will of the people comes first.

Pelosi herself said impeachment should only happen with strong bipartisan support. But she flip-flopped in a desperate and pathetic attempt to win over her liberal base. Didn’t work out so well, did it Nance?

But it opens a potential floodgate for the future. Without decisive action now, who knows what will happen to our country?

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