Patriots celebrated when Donald Trump fired turncoat NSC member Alexander Vindman. The former White House staffer had thrown Trump under the bus when he testified against him during the House impeachment inquiry. But word was, Vindman would have just been transferred to another cushy Pentagon role. Not if the president has anything to say about it.

The House’s bogus impeachment of Donald Trump did very little to hurt the president. It did, however, expose a number of White House staff whose loyalties were not for the president nor the country. These swamp dwellers were all too eager to preen before House Democrats giving their opinions on Trump’s contact with Ukraine—as if their imaginations counted as evidence.

Now, these traitors are facing swift backlash. Seventy White House staffers have been shown the door, including former Ambassador Sondland (who tried to screw Trump, even though he admitted the president wanted no quid-pro-quo).

Perhaps the biggest ham of the House inquiries was Alex Vindman. Although he served as a civilian in the National Security Council, he stuffed himself into his Army uniform to testify. Many in the military noted how inappropriate and odd this was. Clearly the man wanted to give himself more credibility than he deserved.

Vindman attempted to frame the president by saying his phone call with Ukraine was inappropriate. He could not provide real evidence that Trump committed an impeachable offence, but the potato-faced goon still threw Trump under the bus.

Once the Senate acquitted Trump of all charges, the gloves came off. Vindman—and his brother—were fired from their White House posts. But the story doesn’t end there. Looks like pudgy o’ Vindman will face more consequences for his actions.

President Trump on Tuesday suggested that the Pentagon should review the conduct of a former White House national security aide who played a central role in the Democrats’ impeachment case and potentially consider disciplinary action against him…

Asked whether he wanted to see Vindman face discipline, Trump said military officials “can handle him any way they want” but also suggested that he expected commanders to review the decorated, 20-year officer’s conduct.

“That’s going to be up the military,” Trump said. “We’ll have to see. They are certainly, I imagine, going to take a look at that.” [Source: Fox News]

Officially, Vindman wasn’t fired because of his testimony against the president. Oh, there were so many more reason this guy got canned.

Vindman has a history of insubordination and severe lack of judgment. His reputation goes all the back to his cadet days. Fellow students remember him as a pig who ate all their food, someone who only worked when he was in the spotlight, and someone who performed so badly that they wanted him peered out.

How this man ended up in the White House is anyone’s guess. It probably has something to do with Barack Obama’s legacy of distain for the military and his tendency to promote incompetence.

But let’s be honest here. Vindman was supposed to serve the president and uphold the role of a National Security Council member. His job was to improve our national security. Instead, he appeared before the cameras to jeopardize our national security by attacking the Commander in Chief.

Would have Obama tolerated such behavior? Would any member of Congress put up with that from one of their staff?
This man is a part of the military, to boot. Should the Pentagon look the other way, after this man tried to take down the president over bogus charges?

If I were Vindman’s superior, I would make sure he regretted his self-serving, un-American, and disgusting actions. I will see to it that he was made an example of.

But that’s just me. The Pentagon heads are much, much stricter.

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