For years, liberal cities have defied federal law by protecting criminal aliens. These “sanctuary” cities and states put illegal immigrants ahead of law-abiding Americans. President Trump has had enough. He is enlisting the aid of an elite group of troops that will finally blow the lid off this leftist scheme.

It might come a surprise to learn that Democrats used to crack down on illegals, hard. But these days, they follow Obama’s lead in protecting illegal aliens. It seems there’s nothing Democrats won’t do to hide illegals from the federal government.

In sanctuary cities (and states), illegal immigrants enjoy protections American citizens can only dream of. Criminal aliens aren’t reported to ICE for deportation (even though they often commit violent crimes). On top of that, states like Los Angeles work overtime to provide illegals with free shelter, food and clothing, and health care.

Meanwhile, our veterans are living in the streets.

President Trump has been fighting to turn around this travesty of justice. He is determined to reform our immigration system and reward legal immigrants and deport illegal ones. Democrats, right on cue, have continued to prioritize illegals over everyone else.

So, Trump is making a move that will have illegals running back over the border.

The Trump administration is deploying an elite unit of the Border Patrol, including 100 Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers, to assist Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) apprehend illegal aliens in sanctuary cities.

Members of the Border Patrol Tactical Unit (BORTAC) will be helping ICE officers arrest illegal aliens living at large in sanctuary cities…

BORTAC isn’t the only special unit being deployed across the country. In total, 50 Border Patrol agents and 50 Office of Field Operations officers are part of Customs and Border Patrol’s (CBP) deployment. These 100 individuals come from a slate of different areas within CBP, not just BORTAC. [Source: Daily Caller]

Over the course of the next month, elite troops will be hitting sanctuary cities. This group, known as BORTAC, will be assisting ICE with their deportation efforts.

This isn’t the first time ICE has launched stings to round up criminal aliens. In the past, they’ve been very cautious about when and where they conduct their raids. Democrat mayors have broken the law to warn illegals, jeopardizing the lives of federal agents.

This time around, the New York Times first broke the news, perhaps to raise the alarm to sanctuary cities.

But there’s not much they can do. Sanctuary cities refuse to safely hand over illegal aliens. ICE is forced to conduct sweeping raids across large communities, endangering themselves and locals. These elite forces are especially trained for high-risk, dangerous situations. Which means, these aliens have little hope of getting away.

According to reports, these special troops will be hitting Chicago, New York, Atlanta, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and other major cities. All of them are Democrat-controlled cesspools, where little is done to enforce our laws.
Funny how the biggest cities, run by mostly Democrats, have the worst crime, poverty, and are overrun with illegals.

Don’t be surprised to hear about resistance from Democrats. They have fought tooth-and-nail to make sure criminal aliens are treated better in this country than you or me. They fought against the border wall. Fought against immigration reform. Hell, they shut down the government just to prevent negotiating with Trump over DACA.

Doesn’t seem like they care about finding lasting solutions, just making the problems worse.

So, Trump has no choice but to break out the big gun.

I for one, am not upset. If using BORTAC is what it takes to teach Democrats to obey our laws, so bit it.

But something tells me they won’t learn, even after this. Democrats are determined to turn our country into a lawless wasteland. They will have their way, unless they get booted out of office.

At least BORTAC will be able to kick some butt along the way.

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