Rumors have swirled over a member of the White House staff who claims to oppose Trump from the inside. This anonymous figure has written a New York Times op-ed and even a book. But this mysterious person might just want to start looking for another job, after Trump made this claim.

From the start of his presidency, Donald Trump has faced near-endless opposition. And not just from corrupt Democrats. Agents working within his own government have tried to undermine him, even take him down.

We know all about the “deep state,” intelligence agents who conspired to rig the election and frame Trump over the Russian hoax. These men, loyal to the Democrats, tried to abuse their power to prevent the president from getting elected and taking office.

Today, many of these men walk free, despite jeopardizing our democracy.

Then there were the leakers. Early in Trump administration, all kinds of bizarre “leaks” came out about his antics inside the White House. The fake news had a field day spinning what could only be lies. The leaks went away after Trump fired a few key figures.

Then there’s “Anonymous.” A person claiming to be a government official within the Trump administration made the wild boast that they are resisting him from the inside. They wrote an article for the far-left New York Times and even published a book. The idea that a key official is trying to undermine the president gave rabid liberals goosebumps, whether it was true or not.

But Trump has bad news for all of them.

“It’s not so much a search… I know who it is,” Trump told reporters prior to boarding Air Force One on Tuesday, as they repeatedly asked him to reveal the name.

“Can’t tell you that,” he replied. “But I know who it is. We won’t get into it, people know it’s a fraud.”

“I know all about ‘Anonymous,’” Trump told reporters. [Source: Breitbart]

Many have speculated over the identity of Anonymous. Some thought, for a time, it was Mike Pence himself. Incredibly unlikely, given Pence’s continued commitment to the Trump agenda. Others have floated names within the National Security Council or other departments.

You might remember that numerous people were fired recently, after Trump’s impeachment trial ended. It’s very likely that someone like Alexander Vindman—who threw the president under the bus—was the man inventing stories for the Times and his book. Hell, it could have been John Bolton, a man who appears to have a chip on his shoulder after being fired.

But could it be someone who still works in the administration? You might be wondering why Trump doesn’t expose or fire this person. Perhaps he’s living by the old adage, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”?

Or perhaps this person isn’t in the White House, at all. By hiding their identity, they can say whatever they want about Trump—and nobody can disprove them. Why should we believe this person actually works in the administration, when we know what they’ve said about Trump is a lie?

They claimed Trump stumbles, slurs his words, is confused, and has trouble “synthesizing information” (whatever that means). Does that sound like the president to you—or something a Trump-hating Democrat would say?

We’ve seen plenty of liberals (including Pelosi and Clinton) fit those descriptions, but never Trump.

It could be this “Anonymous” is yet another media hack, trying to sell books and discredit the president. That could be why Trump hasn’t fired them. But why can’t he expose them? Why not just blow the whistle on this liar and have it over with?

That might be happening very soon. But President Trump has a way of toying with the left that always works out to his favor. No matter what he does, it will be perfect… and hilarious to watch.

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