President Trump enjoyed a historic and winning visit to the nation of India. While there, he celebrated the two allies’ strong relationship. But apparently, a left-wing reporter tried to use it as an opportunity to slam Trump over his “Muslim ban.” The president wasn’t having any of that and put the fake news hawker in his place.

It never fails to amaze me how dishonest the mainstream media can be. After all these years, with tanking subscriptions and low ratings, you’d think they would start being honest. Just a little bit, to save their skins. But nope! The liberal media’s agenda to destroy the Trump administration compels them to push the same, tired lies again and again. Turning off millions of potential viewers.

If you don’t believe me, just look at the never-dying Russian hoax. Even after Mueller himself cleared Trump of colluding with the foreign power, Democrats and the media still claim Trump is a Putin agent. Recently, they even claimed Russia was helping Sanders win the primary, so Trump could win re-election easier.


Another lie they like to push is concerning Trump’s “Muslim ban.” You might remember that early on in his administration, Trump signed an executive order that temporarily halted entry from countries with known ties to terrorism. It was based on a list compiled by the Obama administration. Immediately, the media called it a Muslim ban (even though 95% of the Muslim world wasn’t on the list).

Democrats tried to oppose this move, bringing it all the way to the Supreme Court. They lost.

Recently, a BBC reporter brought up this “Muslim ban” to Trump while in India. Perhaps this goon thought he could shame the president after enjoy what could only be called a lovefest with the Indian people and leaders. This clown thought casting Trump as some kind of anti-Muslim bigot would spoil all the fun. Trump schooled him quite effectively.

President Donald Trump corrected a reporter on Tuesday for suggesting his travel ban from certain countries was discriminatory against Muslims.

A BBC reporter used his time at a press conference in India with President Trump to claim many had hoped he would confront Indian Prime Minister Modi on policies and hate crimes in India affecting Muslims, but also claimed his travel ban in the United States was discriminatory against Muslims

“The travel ban is not a thing against Muslims,” Trump replied. “It’s a thing against areas where we don’t want people coming into our country that are going to cause problems, cause harm, cause death, hurt our people. I feel very strong about that.”

Trump reminded the reporter the travel ban was deemed legal by the Supreme Court.

“We won the travel ban, and we used the travel ban where we think there was, not based on religion, but where we think there’s going to be trouble,” he said. [Source: Breitbart]

Once again, a fake news peddler pushed the lie that Trump banned Muslims from entering the country. We know that was not true. Even the executive order did not mention Muslims or religion. Yet liberals continue to blatantly lie about it. It’s as if they think we’re stupid, just believing whatever fiction they make up.

President Trump put this con artist in his place. He reminded this “journalist” that the ban was targetting terrorists who want to “cause harm, cause death, hurt our people.” Apparently, this elitist from the BBC doesn’t care when innocent civilians are killed by terrorists. Must be why stabbings in London have reached new highs (all perpetrated by migrants).

It doesn’t matter how often we remind these clowns of the facts. They’ll keep lying about Trump and his supporters. They need to learn there are consequences to such evil. Perhaps losing political power for the next twenty years will learn them?

Only when liberals and Democrats are voted out of power, will they realize regular folks are done putting up with their schemes. At the very least, we won’t have to listen to them lie anymore.

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