The mainstream media has been publishing negative news stories about Donald Trump since he announced his candidacy. They are so determined to hurt his presidency, that they’ve earned the notorious title of “fake news.” Yet there seems to be little repercussions for their endless stream of phony stories. Until now. The Trump campaign is hitting the biggest paper for one of their worst articles.

Can the mainstream media stoop any lower than it already has? Seriously, their respect among Americans is so low, saying it’s in the toilet would be a compliment. We all know the major media outlets in this country lean hard to the left. The notion of fair and objective reporting is just a thing of the past.

That’s been true for a long time, but it’s never been more obvious than since Trump entered politics. The Democrats that run the MSM hate the man so much, they don’t even try to hide their bias against him. Major networks, newspapers, and websites spew dozens of hit pieces against him a day. The vast majority of their coverage of Donald Trump (93%) is negative. Very little of what they report is provable or accurate.

But when a particularly nasty hit piece is exposed as fake news, they rarely offer a retraction. When they do, it doesn’t get nearly the same attention as the original lie.

For a long time, the media has hidden behind the First Amendment to get away with their slander. After all, freedom of the press means the government can’t really interfere with the news (a joke, when you consider how many media executives are former government officials, or have spouses currently in government). They think this means they can print anything they want, without consequences.

But the Trump campaign just proved them wrong, big time.

The Trump campaign has filed a libel lawsuit against what it called the “extremely biased” New York Times, saying the paper’s March 27, 2019 op-ed titled “The Real Trump-Russia Quid Pro Quo” amounted to a knowingly false smear intended to “improperly influence the presidential election in November 2020.”

“They did a bad thing,” Trump said at a coronavirus press conference later Wednesday, before apparently promising more litigation. “There will be more coming. There will be more coming.”

The lawsuit seeks “compensatory damages in the millions of dollars,” as well as punitive damages and legal fees. Knowing that then-Special Counsel Robert Mueller was about to exonerate President Trump, the campaign argues in the lawsuit, the Times sought to quickly “damage” the president’s campaign “before the Mueller Report would be released debunking the conspiracy claims.” [Source: Fox News]

The Times article claimed (without evidence, of course) that Trump accepted help from Russia in 2016, in exchange for a change in foreign policy. The article framed Trump as a colluder and cheater, who stole the election from Hillary Clinton.

Even though we know for a fact that Trump did not collude with Russia. Robert Mueller had to admit this after his exhaustingly-long investigation.

The New York Times willingly lied to hurt the Trump re-election campaign, the lawsuit claims. President Trump is finally hitting back at the fake news for their years of smearing and slander. He promised “there will be more coming,” to boot.

If I was a fake news journalist, I’d be very worried right now. These clowns know just how dishonest they’ve been. They practically manufacture “sources” to make the Trump administration look bad. It’s hard to call their reporting anything more than spin or outright lies. The mainstream media, today, is essentially the propaganda wing of the Democratic Party.

But it all might be coming to an end, soon.

The outcome of this lawsuit can set a precedent within the media. If Trump wins and gets millions from the Times, every other lying news outlet is vulnerable. They might be facing many suits—and not just from Trump.

Will they learn their lesson and change their ways? Let’s just say… I’m not holding my breath.

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