After the Senate acquitted Donald Trump of the left’s impeachment charges, House Democrats said they were not giving up. They vowed to launch more investigations against the Trump administration. Some said they would even be prepared to impeach him again and again. But it looks like they were all talk, as weeks later they’ve admitted defeat.

Astute observers knew from the start that impeachment was a bogus fraud. I can’t say that Democrats were hoping to actually remove Trump from office. But it was clear their impeachment plans were half-baked at best.

We’ve gone over it again and again. Pelosi impeached Trump just to protect her own job from radical primary challengers. She and House Democrats talked a big talk about “protecting the Constitution.” But experts agreed they put together the weakest case for impeachment in the history of the United States.

They shouldn’t have been surprised that the Senate voted to acquit. Yet even today, these con artists insist that Trump is an illegitimate president and a law break. They vowed to keep searching for dirt on the administration. Pelosi said on numerous occasions Trump was “impeached forever.”

But it seems now, they’ve all but given up.

Despite their dire warnings earlier this year that President Trump’s foreign policy endangered the United States and assured that the 2020 elections would be riddled with foreign election interference, House Democrats have now essentially dropped their investigative efforts into the Trump administration’s Ukraine dealings.

The drawdown, which has seen Democrats decline to make new witness requests or file relevant subpoenas since the conclusion of the Senate impeachment trial, could be a tacit acknowledgement that the probes wouldn’t be politically helpful as the 2020 presidential field narrows. Amid impeachment proceedings, a Gallup poll found that support for both President Trump and the Republican Party had risen to historic highs. [Source: Fox News]

Democrats claimed they would prepare investigations on every little thing Trump did or said. Remember how they were going to get him over comments about Roger Stone’s trial? Pelosi even said they would go after AG Bill Barr in retribution. Where did all that go?

House Democrat promised more subpoenas and hearings. All that’s gone away.

Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that nobody, ever believed in their impeachment hoax. Defying all their hopes and dreams, Donald Trump’s popularity soared during and after impeachment. He raised a record amount of cash immediately after Pelosi announced the inquiry, a trend that only continued into this year.

His approval soared, especially after the Senate trial. You only have to see the mammoth crowds at his events to know that Americans are rallying around the president.

Meanwhile, the Democrats are limping along. Pete Buttigieg finally dropped out of the presidential race, probably after pressure from the party. As Sanders gains more steam, the left is panicking. A brokered convention might be in their future, meaning a sure defeat in November.

Can you imagine what would happen in the House wasted the next precious few months on another impeachment? Just as the election heated up, they tried to attention away from the candidates, debates, and events with another round of bogus nonsense!

Something tells me the party heads dropped a hammer on Pelosi and House Democrats. Their first impeachment failed spectacularly. A second would be a disaster.

Keep in mind, the only reason they impeached Trump was to help the party’s chances in 2020. It was the first time Congress impeached a first-term president. Clearly, it was only to hurt his reputation going into re-election. But from all signs, it’s helped him.

I guess Democrats learned one little lesson from all this: wrongful impeachment doesn’t work.
They are going to just have to live with their bad candidates and let the chips fall where they may.
Meaning: a Republican majority in D.C.

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