Since entering office, Donald Trump has donated his salary to various agencies. In light of the recent coronavirus outbreak, the president is sending his quarterly salary to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. You’d think that would win him appreciation from the mainstream media, right? Wrong. Democrats got downright nasty with their responses.

President Trump hasn’t taken a single dollar from his stint in the White House. Most career politicians are filthy rich by the time they leave office (only to get richer in the years to follow). But by all measures, Trump will have considerably less wealth after he finishes his tenure as president. Trump dissolved his business concerns before entering office. He no longer owns Trump Enterprises. And he gives away his salary every quarter.

He’s consistently given his paycheck to government agencies. Not only does that help these groups, but it raises awareness to their causes and work. This quarter, he’s giving his check to the Department of Health and Human Services, as a sign of support for their battle against the coronavirus.

Conservative Americans were quick to thank Trump for the generous contribution. But liberals must be really suffering a strong case of TDS, these days. Because a simple act like donating his paycheck really brought out the ugly in them. Not that it’s hard to do.

Not everyone was pleased with the news of Trump donating his salary to help fight the virus; on the contrary, some liberals were enraged, even finding it appropriate to compare the POTUS to Hitler.

“Hitler never took a salary,” posted Mike P. Williams. “Now show his tax returns and document the millions he’s rinsed the tax payer for in terms of staying at his own properties, golf carts, and security for Eric.”

Crooked Media host Akilah Hughes complained, “This pays for tests for less than 50 people.”

“How do we get back the hundreds of millions he’s wasted golfing,” said left-wing writer Thor Benson…
Left-wing actress and singer Kelly Mantle falsely contended that Trump did not actually donate the money…
“Trump’s [press secretary] is trying to convince us that [Donald Trump] is donating his salary to fight Coronavirus. But the check is dated 01/29/20?” …

(The check was for the fourth-quarter of 2019, which ended on December 31.) [Source: Daily Wire]

When all else fails, call Trump Hitler. Geez, these leftists’ attacks are really getting tired and stale, huh? Apparently a common attack was to say Trump’s wasted tax dollars golfing and that he is getting rich by going to Trump properties.

Of course, these accusations are baseless. Trump spends as much time golfing as Obama or Clinton did. And chances are, Trump properties aren’t charging the government for his stays.

But far be it for the left to miss an opportunity to lie about Trump! The man is literally giving away money and they still bitch. They weren’t too upset when Obama got rich of his time in office. The man bought a multi-million-dollar house on the water. Where did they think he got that money?

Trump donates money to fight a disease and the left accuses him of being a criminal. Do these people still live in reality—or are all they all doped up on opioids?

We shouldn’t be too surprised, though. They are watching their own party tear itself to shreds. Faced with the reality that there might not be a Democratic Party soon, what else can they do?

It looks very likely they have a brokered convention in the summer—meaning an all-but-certain loss in November. Worse than losing the White House are the many down-ballot seats that will be taken by Trump-loving Republicans.

Democrats don’t have much to look forward to, these days. Catching the coronavirus might have been their last ticket out. But even that is unlikely, thanks to the efforts of the Trump administration.

Hey, maybe that’s why they’re really mad!

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