Former Vice President Joe Biden is now the undisputed front-runner in the Democratic presidential election after winning nine states and a total of 453 delegates.

The major win, though, is being shrouded with conversations about the process being rigged in his favor.

Just days before Super Tuesday—a coveted day in a presidential primary—candidates Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar dropped from running and endorsed Biden. These two would have likely pulled some support from him as they are all more moderate alternatives to socialist candidate Bernie Sanders.

Conversely, Elizabeth Warren is competing with the same voter bloc as Sanders and is staying in the running.

Conservative actor James Woods has a new theory about what could really be going on and it involves former twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

“So I pretty much predicted this,” Woods said in a tweet, speaking of Biden ultimately winning the nomination. “It’ll be #Biden and #Hillary as his vice-presidential candidate. He will eventually ‘gracefully’ resign as his dementia worsens and… Voila!”

“#MadamePresident at last! (and in case he gets indicted for his Ukraine corruption, she’ll pardon him…” Woods added.

The theory got several people online talking about its merits. Many people said it was at least “plausible,” BizPac Review reports:

Author: Lawrence Richard

Source: Governor Palin: James Woods’ New Biden-Hillary Theory Has Everyone Talking

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