The Internet was ablaze after a video went viral that showed Joe Biden say we have to re-elect Donald Trump. Democrats feared Biden’s mental decline was exposed. So, they got Twitter to flag the video as “manipulated media.” Now, the Trump campaign is firing back.

Let’s get this out of the way first: Joe Biden’s mind is slipping. We’ve talked about it before. But with each new day, it’s getting more obvious. Long, long ago, the left could laugh it off as harmless gaffes. That’s getting harder to do as the almost-80-year-old man keeps revealing just how unfit he is to lead.

It all came to a head this weekend, when video surfaced of Biden stumbling through a speech. Even with a teleprompter giving him the words, the former VP couldn’t hack it. He ended up saying “we must re-elect Donald Trump.” The Trump campaign, the president, and numerous supporters shared the video.

Twitter, in a shameless moment of bias, flagged the video “manipulated media,” despite the fact the footage was not clipped or altered in any way. Obviously, the liberals who run this social network were trying to protect the candidate and his rapid mental decline.

So, the Trump campaign fired back–exposing the many times liberals deceptively edited footage to make the president look bad.

The Trump campaign has sent a scathing letter to Twitter’s leadership after the platform took the unprecedented step of labeling one of its videos “manipulated media,” saying that under the social media giant’s new standard, Joe Biden’s team has uploaded its own “doctored and deceptively edited” video as recently as last week…

“Twitter shouldn’t be an enforcement arm of Joe Biden’s campaign strategy, but if they choose to police every video clip they must hold his own campaign to the same standard.”

…Glassner said he was “formally requesting that Twitter apply its new ‘manipulated media’ label to a doctored and deceptively edited video tweeted by the Biden campaign less than a week ago.”

That was a reference to a March 3 video uploaded by the Biden campaign that contains a slew of clips that are taken out of context, and “manipulates audio and video of President Trump in order to mislead Americans and give a false impression,” Glassner wrote. [Source: Fox News]

Since Trump entered politics, the left has edited statements, video, and audio to mislead the public about him. From CNN to the New York Times, Democrats use social media to spread one hoax after another about the president.

Most recently, they edited video from a Trump rally to suggest the president called the coronavirus threat a “hoax.” When in context, you clearly see Trump calling the media’s lies about his response a hoax, not the virus itself.

Yet Joe Biden’s campaign uploaded this manipulated media, without penalty.

For years we’ve seen conservatives get bullied, harassed, blocked, and shadow banned by social media sites. Twitter just took their attacks a step further, by openly lying about a video.

The left is getting desperate. They’ve slung their fake news as much as they could. They’ve incited hate and aggression against conservatives. Now, they are nakedly trying to censor and deceive users online. All to influence the outcome of the 2020 Election.

Twitter better be careful. In recent weeks, the Trump campaign has sued CNN, the New York Times, and others for libel. It’s clear that Team Trump will no longer site back and let the establishment left push conservatives around.

Will Trump sue Twitter over this double standard? It’s possible. Democrats are using every dirty trick in the book to suppress Americans, our free speech rights, and our democracy. It’s time they learned they cannot determine the future of our country by controlling what we say or do online.

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