Former Vice President Joe Biden is the clear front-runner in the Democratic presidential primary, widening the gap between him and top contender Bernie Sanders in Tuesday’s half-dozen state contests.

As the results continued to be calculated, Biden was declared the winner time and again, even picking up Idaho—a state Sanders won in 2016.

The Hill reports the win was Biden’s fourth of the evening:

The Associated Press called the race for Biden just after 1 a.m. Wednesday. The former vice president led Sanders by nearly 5,500 votes with about 77 percent of precincts reporting.

Idaho’s primary, one of six nominating contests Tuesday, will award a total of 20 pledged delegates.

Biden’s win built on victories in Michigan, Mississippi and Missouri.

The Daily Wire reports Biden’s win in Michigan was also paramount as it too was a state Sanders took in 2016:

Though Biden picked up victories in states like Missouri and Mississippi by wide margins on Tuesday, as reported by The Daily Wire’s Emily Zanotti, Biden picked up a major, much-needed victory in Michigan over Sanders, a state that the socialist senator won in 2016 and desperately needed to win on Tuesday if he were to have any clear pathway to the nomination.

“At 10pm EST, two hours after polls closed, Biden was leading Sanders by that same 14 points, 54% to 40%,” reported Zanotti. “Both former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, who exited the race for the Democratic presidential nomination last Monday, and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who beat a dismal exit from her own campaign last Wednesday, received support — 3% and 2%, respectively.”

Some analysts are concluding the states’ decision to switch from a revolutionary candidate like Sanders to a more establishment-type pick in Biden could be due to the options these states had in 2016, the Washington Examiner reports.

Their decision to back Sanders four years ago might be due to the candidate he was running against: Hillary Clinton.

From the report:

Analysts argued that the results show that Sanders’s major successes in his race against Clinton in 2016 had more to do with voters disliking Clinton than with the socialist inspiring a wide-reaching “revolution.”

The quick call in Michigan and the calls in other states mean that early data showed Biden won by such large margins that waiting for more results was not necessary. Biden was favored to win those states, but the large margins will help Biden expand his delegate lead.

Sanders was able to scrape together a win in North Dakota, his first of the day:

Author: Lawrence Richard

Source: Governor Palin: Report: People Are Starting To See Sanders’ Support In 2016 Was Just The Anti-Hillary Crowd

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