As the media has forgotten about the Southern border, the threat to our country still remains. The Trump administration has fought to protect the country from the continued threats of smugglers, traffickers, and drug cartels. And Trump’s just struck a major blow against one of our biggest enemies.

The battle over the border is far from over. Since the crisis of the migrant caravans, the media has moved on. That’s largely thanks to Donald Trump, who took measures to end the flood of migrants coming into our country.

You might remember the images of endless lines of people, marching up Mexico to bombard our border. It wasn’t that long ago when hundreds of thousands of migrants from South America were demanding entry into our country. These caravans were organized by “immigrant activists” who lied to these migrants. The goal was obvious: overwhelm our border so much, that our government had no choice but to let these people in.

Trump had another idea. He coordinated with Mexico and other South American countries. They created a policy that migrants had to apply for asylum in the first country they reached. For many, that meant Mexico. Anyone coming from Mexico to seek asylum in the U.S. had to wait in Mexico.

But there have been other efforts to combat the flow of drugs and violence over the border. As Democrat-controlled states protect criminal aliens through sanctuary policies, the Trump administration has been fighting back. A new campaign was launched by the DOJ and DEA to crack down on drug cartels operating in the United States. And they just made a big announcement.

The Trump administration announced on Wednesday the results from a massive federal operation targeting the Cártel de Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG), which is one of the most notorious drug cartels in Mexico.

The Justice Department (DOJ) and the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) revealed that over 600 arrests had been made as a result of Project Python, which started late last year…

“Project Python is the single largest strike by U.S. authorities against CJNG, and this is just the beginning,” Acting DEA Administrator Uttam Dhillon said during the press conference. “This strategic and coordinated project exemplifies DEA’s mission: to disrupt, dismantle, and destroy drug trafficking organizations around the world and bring their leaders to justice. Today, DEA has disrupted CJNG’s operations, and there is more to come as DEA continues its relentless attack on this remorseless criminal organization.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Project Python specifically targeted notorious drug cartel CJNG. This group was one of the fastest-growing cartels in Mexico. It’s transnational operations smuggled methamphetamines into the country and around the world. According to the DOJ, this group was responsible for a significant portion of the drugs coming into the U.S.

Thanks to the Trump administration’s efforts, this cartel has suffered a serious blow. The arrest of over 600 cartel members means their operations are near-crippled. These men have been taken off the streets and face real penalties.

Not only that, but the information law enforcement obtains from these criminals will be instrumental. With so many members of this group under lock and key, the DOJ will be able to acquire intel to target the rest of the cartel.

In the coming months, they will be able to move into the groups territory and perhaps wipe them out for good.

The goal, after all, is to “disrupt, dismantle, and ultimately destroy” the CJNG. You don’t mess around, when you have a goal like that. This group is responsible for countless deaths, both direct and indirect. Not only have they spread violence across Mexico, but their poison has led to many overdoses in the United States.

Not to mention the life-crippling scourge brought on by addiction.

Be sure to expect more announcements like this coming out in the future. Trump has made protecting our nation a major goal. And he won’t stop at this one victory.

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