It’s election season, so get ready to see plenty of events and rallies in the coming months.

If you’re like most Americans, you’re probably eager to attend at least one Trump rally.

His rallies have been the stuff of legends. Rarely do we not see hundreds (sometimes many more) lined up outside the venues for days.

The president’s rallies are pretty much always packed. People who can’t get in stick around in outdoor overflow areas (even in the middle of winter).

Most politicians see rallies as a chance to fire up their base. Also, to inspire die-hard party members to get out and vote.

But Trump isn’t like most politicians. And it looks like he’s doing more than that.

Democrats should be pretty worried right about now.

From Washington Examiner:

Those figures from the campaign suggest that of the 67,000 who have gotten into venues to attend Trump rallies in the past two months, about 18,500 were Democrats and independents. And many reports have shown that thousands more have been turned away from full convention halls.

Dang. If you ever wondered about the effectiveness of Trump’s rallies, take a look at this.

Over the 67,000 people who go into his rallies in the last two months, 18,500 of them were Democrats or independents.

(That’s just counting those who made it inside, not the thousands in the overflow sections.)

In Trump’s rally in South Carolina, 38.6% of the attendees were Democrats or independents.

That trend has continued wherever the man goes.

The media has been hyping up the Democratic primaries. But what they aren’t telling you is the record number of Democrats getting onto the Trump train.

This suggests that Trump is winning over more than just Republicans. His approval within his own party is through the roof.

But the fact that so many non-Republicans are flocking to his events? This is big.

It also makes you wonder about those approval polls. If so many Democrats are supporting Trump, his numbers would be much different, huh?

Trump’s team isn’t hiding anything. It looks like we are seeing a big break toward Donald this November.

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Source: Washington Examiner

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: Trump’s 2020 Rallies Should Rattle Democrat Party – It Looks Like Donald Has Pulled In Over 18,000 Democrats So Far

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