One of the most shameful things surrounding the Wuhan virus is how the Democrats, since word of the virus hitting our shores, have, instead of pulling together, have used it to try to attack the president and stoke panic while President Donald Trump was working to address the question and calm people.

Democrats including Joe Biden have lied about Trump saying it was a hoax. Lied about saying the CDC was cut. Lied about Trump muzzling scientists. Biden even put out an ad including the lies, trying to stoke more angst.

Meanwhile folks like Dr. Drew Pinsky and Dr. Anthony Fauci (for the administration) have been trying to put it into perspective so as not to create panic and do more harm to people.

But that hasn’t stopped those on the left.

So GOP Chair Ronna McDaniel put out a helpful thread to show the difference and call out the Democrats for politicizing things and not being helpful.

Exactly. Many Democrats have been focused on how to attack Trump over the virus, how to politicize it, not how to actually help with the situation. That’s been pretty vile.

Author: Nick Arama

Source: Red State: GOP Chair Explains, In Terrific Thread, What Dems Were Doing While Admin Has Been Working to Address Wuhan Virus

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