Capitol Hill erupted on Sunday night after Democratic leadership in both chambers torpedoed the bipartisan economic relief package for American workers during the Wuhan coronavirus. Before Sunday night, Democrats were prepared to vote for the package that they co-authored, before pulling an eleventh-hour stunt that ultimately halted the bill moving forward in the Senate.

Speaker Pelosi and Minority Leader Schumer insisted that the bill did not go far enough and prioritized corporations over the American people, despite a weekend of good-faith negotiations resulting in a highly bipartisan relief package. GOP lawmakers pointed to Pelosi and Schumer’s effort to add language to fit their ideological agenda, and Rep. Clyburn (D-SC) appears to agree:

The CARES Act was written and negotiated in a highly bipartisan manner; both Republicans and Democrats gave substantial input, under the advice of Secretary Mnuchin. Both Schumer and Pelosi praised the unified effort to give relief to Americans over the weekend. The American people are suffering under brutal economic uncertainty, and the purpose of this relief package is to alleviate that economic distress. The American people deserve to see bipartisan unity during these trying economic times, and for Pelosi and Schumer to use this relief package as an excuse to further their agenda is telling.

Author: Reagan McCarthy

Source: Town Hall: Rep. Clyburn Admits Economic Package Is ‘An Opportunity to Restructure Things to Fit Our Vision’

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