The coronavirus outbreak has been taking its toll on Americans for weeks. The economy is reeling due to the extreme measures the government has forced people to take. But the president’s promise of relief was cast into doubt after Democrats tried to sabotage an upcoming bill. After long negotiations, it looks like a bill is about to come through.

Much has been said about the impact the coronavirus is having–and will have–on our country. The federal government was concerned that a fast-spreading disease would overwhelm our health care system. So, they enacted strict measures from coast to coast to slow down infections. But some have said the “cure” is worse than the problem.

Millions of Americans have been forced into isolation. Countless businesses have been shut down. Workers were sent home, many laid off. Lives have been upended and ruined. All so that a few less people would get infected in the meantime.

The government’s solution to tossing a grenade into our economy was to send out a stimulus to working families. President Trump promised to send checks, hoping a thousand dollars would get people over the hump. But prospects looked bleak after Democrats blocked a Republican-crafted bill in the Senate.

Worse, Nancy Pelosi tried to push through a bill of her own, loaded with far-left garbage.

But after working through the night, it seems the White House and Senate have come to an agreement.

White House and Senate leaders reportedly struck a deal during the early morning hours on Wednesday over a $2 trillion stimulus bill to combat the economic fallout of the coronavirus outbreak…

The legislation, unprecedented in its size and scope, aims to flood the economy with capital by sending $1,200 checks to many Americans, creating a $367 billion loan program for small businesses, and setting up a $500 billion fund for industries, cities and states.

Other provisions include a massive boost to unemployment insurance, $150 billion for state and local stimulus funds and $130 billion for hospitals, among numerous other provisions. [Source: Daily Wire]

Mitch McConnell took to Twitter to announce “At last, we have a deal.”

Such a massive spending bill might have immediate impact on our economy. According to reports, many Americans will get a check for $1,200. Local and state companies will have access to a massive, $500 billion fund. Small businesses will be able to borrow from a $367 billion program, to keep paying their employees even if they were forced to close.

This might provide a ray of hope during this crazy and uncertain time. Americans struggling will get some form of payment. Small businesses won’t have to shut their doors for good. Companies large and small will have confidence that the measures the government forced on them won’t be to their ruin.

But what about the long-term? Every “expert” out there can’t say for certainty when this crisis will end. They don’t even agree over how long we have to keep the economy underwater. President Trump is hoping this shutdown will end by Easter, which is in a few weeks.

It’s clear that even with a massive spending bill, it won’t do much good until we can get back to normal. The extreme measures the government—and local communities—have forced on Americans will only slow infections. It can’t wipe out this disease entirely. Keeping us cooped up inside won’t change the fact that America needs to get back to work.

Will it be a few more weeks? A few more months? It’s hard to say. The stimulus bill can help hold things together, for a little while. But America was not made to hide indoors. We are a country of fighters and workers. We crave to get out there and make something of ourselves.

That might be the only solution that gets us through this mess.

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