The United States is reeling from both a medical emergency and an economic shut down. Entire communities are shuttered up to prevent infection, as the whole country is advised to stay at home. Meanwhile, the federal government is on the front lines of the crisis—providing constant updates to the American people. But how are citizens feeling about the president’s leadership at a time like this? A new Gallup poll has the answer.

Some on the left might actually be happy that this virus slammed the United States. Sure, many people will needlessly die. But the uncertainty and fear created by this outbreak has thrown our economy for a loop. Each day the stock market spasms. Many Americans and businesses struggle to survive. Trump’s historic economy has suffered tremendously. It’s exactly what Democrats wanted.

But you’d have to be an idiot to think this was the president’s fault. He didn’t make China neglect their wet markets, lie about the virus, then do nothing for months. In fact, Trump was taking action long before anyone else even cared. Over the months of February and March, he dramatically ratcheted up the country’s response. He was even willing to take the economic hit to protect American lives.

On top of that, President Trump is leading daily press briefings to keep Americans informed on the ongoing situation. Because of his leadership, Congress has passed two bills to provide significant relief. The third bill—which will keep small businesses afloat and provide checks to workers—will soon reach his desk. Only the most dishonest, partisan liberal could say Trump is not leading us well.

What are Americans saying, though? In a time like this, the people would either really hate the president or really love him. It all depends on how they feel about his response to the crisis. Well, a new Gallup has been released. Democrats aren’t happy about it.

Gallup’s new study finds that Trump’s approval among U.S. adults has jumped 5 points since earlier this month, surging from 44 to 49% approval. That approval rating is the best of his presidency, matching previous highs…
The sudden increase among both independents and Democrats, which Gallup underscores is “highly unusual for Trump in particular,” indicates a true “rally,” the pollster explains…

“Americans give the president generally positive reviews for his handling of the situation, with 60% approving and 38% disapproving,” Gallup reports. “Ninety-four percent of Republicans, 60% of independents and 27% of Democrats approve of his response.” [Source: Daily Wire]

During a crisis, we see the true caliber of our leaders. These days, we’ve seen quite a few wilt like week-old flowers. From mayors to governors to senators, many elected officials are totally unequipped to handle this crisis.
But who isn’t wilting under the pressure? Donald Trump and his task force. Each day we hear comprehensive details about how they are confronting the virus. They are directing aid to the most-hit areas of the country. They are accelerating testing—outpacing South Korea (who handled this crisis the best). And the president is marshalling the resources of the government and private businesses to produce needed supplies.

Not only that, but Trump is (once again) defying the media narrative to provide hope and optimism during this uncertain time. He recently stated he hopes to have the economy back by Easter. He’s signaled his willingness to end the shut down soon, saying the “cure” can’t be worse than the problem. Unlike so many out there, he’s giving Americans something to look forward to.

That’s just as important as providing stimulus, medicine, and testing. Americans are afraid. They’re entire lives have been thrown upside-down. They need someone to give them a shred of hope.

We know Nancy Pelosi ain’t doing that.

Only President Trump is. And Americans are responding.

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