One of the provisions Democrats forced into the relief bill was $25 million to the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. That money was (presumably) to help the organization stay afloat during this difficult time. Soon after the bill was passed, however, news spread that the Center was firing the majority of their staff. Now, GOP lawmaker are trying to hold them accountable.

Nancy Pelosi delayed the relief bill for nearly a week by trying to shove bogus funding into it. Originally, she wanted $35 million for the Kennedy Center. Among other ridiculous demands. But after intense negotiations, they managed to lower that number to $25 million.

You have to wonder why the government would agree to spend so much money on something unrelated to the crisis. Why should we prioritize the Kennedy Center, when we’re trying to save countless jobs and businesses? But at least we can be encouraged that this money would help their staff survive, while the Center is closed.

Wrong. Right after the bill was signed, the Center announced it would be laying off their performers and other workers. They would receive one last check this week, then it was curtains for them. With the Center closed like most of the country, it was uncertain when these employees would be going back to work.

The outrage online was fast and fierce. What the hell are they going to do with this money—if they aren’t paying their employees? With the Center closed, it’s not as if they have a lot of maintenance to do. Is this money going to line the pockets of board members?

Now, Republicans are trying to make sure the Kennedy Center doesn’t get away with this.

Two Republican congressmen on Tuesday introduced legislation to reclaim the $25 million allocated in the recent coronavirus stimulus bill to the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, as reports emerged Tuesday that the opera house will furlough roughly 60 percent of its full-time administrative staff after already suspending pay for more than 700 part-time employees and musicians…

Scott wanted the White House to cut off not just the Kennedy Center funds, but also billions of dollars in other “wasteful” spending, including $75 million for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and $30.8 billion for an “Education Stabilization Fund” that he argued would enrich already wealthy universities. [Source: Fox News]

The Center claims it deserves this money because of its “unique status” as a major “job creator.” Riiiight. Then why did they just layoff hundreds of employees?

You see Center, “job creator” means you create jobs. That’s why you’d need that money. But if you fire over 60% of your employees (both full time and part time), you’re not creating jobs. You’re killing jobs.

Republican senators are demanding the Office of Management and Budget to rescind the funds. Others are submitting a bill to retract the funding.

It’s pretty idiotic to think any funding went to non-essential targets during a crisis. Democrats demanded billions of dollars for art centers, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and already wealthy universities. Meanwhile, Americans are getting sick, losing their jobs, and struggling to make ends meet.

Which is more important? Making sure hourly workers can survive the next month or enriching already wealthy (liberal) organizations?

I know the answer to that one. But apparently Democrats don’t.

We are living in an unprecedented time. Right now, the White House predicts hundreds of thousands might die to this virus. Millions more have already had their lives turned upside down. Yet Democrats in Washington don’t seem to understand. They think its business as usual. Or worse, they see this virus as an opportunity to push their agenda.
Why don’t we rescind all their jobs?

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