As the country suffers from the virus outbreak, what has Nancy Pelosi been doing? Getting political, of course.

And it’s coming back to bite her in the rear.

We all remember what she tried to shove into the relief bill. Later, she accused Trump of “fiddling” while the nation suffered.

I guess the left hoped we’d forget what literally happened before our eyes. But James Woods just posted it for everyone to see.

From Twitter:

Nancy didn’t think this was of any import…

James Woods tweeted a video of President Trump’s SOTU address. During that very speech, he raised the alarm of the threat of the virus.

He mentioned we were working to battle it, partnering with China. (Unfortunately, China was dishonest from the beginning).

Remember, this is the very speech, Nancy Pelosi ripped up on live TV. She claimed it did not have one ounce of truth in it.

Was she even paying attention to Trump’s words about the virus? We know few people cared about it back then.

They sure are worried about it, now.

If Pelosi was really concerned about the spread of this disease, why wasn’t she talking about it back then?

Pelosi seemed much more concerned about her House’s impeachment push. The virus seemed very far away, something that wasn’t all that important.

Remind me again, Nance, about how Trump was “fiddling”?

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Source: Twitter

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: After Pelosi Accuses Trump Of Fiddling – State Of The Union Video Shows Nancy Ignoring Donald’s Warning

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