The Democrats are pushing forward with their hopeful plan to benefit from a global pandemic to alter the U.S. election process in a way that would largely favor their side of the isle.

As the leaders of the free world gear up for phase 4 of the coronavirus relief package, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has hinted that she is intent on sneaking in more items from her selfish little wish list, including a number of changes to voting methods.

“Vote-by-mail is essential to protecting the future of our democracy as we confront this public health crisis. There is no legitimate argument against enacting it,” Pelosi said last week:

President Trump however has pointed out that mail-in voting comes with a number of flaws. “I think a lot of people cheat with mail-in voting,” Trump said last week. “I think people should vote with ID, with Voter ID.”

Despite facing condemnation by the GOP and Trump administration over their disgusting attempts to use the coronavirus pandemic to push their greater political agenda, more Democrats have joined Pelosi in looking to make the lopsided change.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar is pushing a bill to provide vote-by-mail and expand early voting. She claims Democrats are getting “more and more bipartisan support from secretaries of states across the country,” according to Politico.

“In a worst case scenario communities may be facing the choice of either voting by mail or not voting at all,” Sen. Ron Wyden who is spearheading the effort alongside Klobuchar, said.

“We’re already going in this direction and now we’re in the middle of a pandemic and I think this is a very different time,” he added.

The Phase 3 bill provided $400 million for election security grants, “which can be used broadly, including to expand vote-by-mail options and early voting, as well as to clean polling facilities and conduct public education campaigns.”

Apparently that’s not enough for the greedy Dems who will use any opportunity they can to take advantage of the American tax-payer.

Klobuchar said that she is “looking at that next package to get the funding included” as well as some additional reforms, like removing state requirements that voters present an excuse to vote absentee.

“That’s premature. Around the world we’ve had people in new democracies go to vote when their lives were at risk because the right to vote was so precious,” Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander said. “Most Americans would be very skeptical of significant changes in our ability to go cast a ballot in person, certainly at this point.”

Another Republican Senator Cory Gardner said, “States should run state’s elections.” He added, “Washington D.C. should not run the state’s elections. So if a state determines that’s the way it wants to go, a state should make that decision.”

Sen. John Cornyn stated bluntly that Democrats “want the federal government to take over elections.”

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