Speaking to reporters at the White House Tuesday evening, President Trump announced a freeze on U.S. funding for the World Health Organization. During the lengthy fight against Wuhan coronavirus, the organization has repeatedly published false information about the disease.

“The WHO, that’s the World Health Organization, receives vast amounts of money from the United States and we pay for a majority, the biggest portion of their money, and they actually criticized and disagreed with my travel ban at the time I did it and they were wrong. They’ve been wrong about a lot of things. They had a lot of information early and they didn’t want to…they seem to be very China centric so we’re going to look into it. We pay for the majority of the money that we get,” Trump said.

“They called it wrong. They really missed the call. They could have called it months earlier. They should have known and they probably did know so we’ll be looking into that very carefully,” he continued. “We’re going to put a hold on money sent to the WHO. We’re going to put a very powerful hold on it and we’re going to see. It’s a great thing if it works but when they call every shot wrong it’s no good.”

The World Health Organization has been lying on China’s behalf for months and the consequences have been lethal.

On December 29, 2019 Taiwan officials, who have been successfully combatting the disease, told the WHO the virus was transmissible human-to-human. On behalf of China, WHO buried the information and said nearly three weeks later it was not transmissible human-to-human. WHO leadership also criticized President Trump for shutting down travel to and from China in late January.

At a minimim, the WHO is corrupt and should be investigated.

Author: Katie Pavlich

Source: Town Hall: BREAKING: Trump Announces a Freeze on World Health Organization Funding

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