According to Fox News, the U.S. is now highly confident that COVID-19, the virus that has decimated the global economy and left many dead in its wake, came from a Wuhan laboratory.

Sources say that the Wuhan lab was not developing a bioweapon, but instead, experimenting with the virus in an attempt to establish itself as a scientific powerhouse capable of competing with the United States.

The sources believe the initial transmission of the virus was bat-to-human, and that “patient zero” worked at the laboratory, then went into the population in Wuhan.

The uptick in confidence surrounding the origin of the virus comes from classified and open-source documents along with evidence, the sources said.

When President Trump was asked about the reports, he replied saying, “More and more we’re hearing the story…we are doing a very thorough examination of this horrible situation.”

This may be the “costliest government coverup of all time,” according to one source.

China initially said that the Wuhan wet market was the most likely source of the virus as part of a broader propaganda campaign. The documents also detail doctors early efforts at the lab to contain the virus once it escaped their facility.

Back in early 2018, U.S. Embassy officials warned about inadequate safety measures at the Wuhan Institute of Virology lab and passed on information about scientists conducting risky research on coronavirus from bats/

Americans were originally helping train the Chinese in a program called PREVENT well before the Chinese started working on this virus. The French government, however, was responsible for helping the Chinese set up the Wuhan lab.

The sources added that China was anything but forthcoming, saying that they “100 percent” suppressed and changed data. “Samples were destroyed, contaminated areas scrubbed, early reports erased, and academic articles stifled,” Fox News added.

Doctors and journalists suddenly “disappeared” after warning of the spread of the virus and its contagious nature and human to human transmission.

Additionally, the sources tell Fox News the World Health Organization (WHO) was complicit from the beginning in helping China cover its tracks, making the president’s decision to halt funding to them even more logical and the Democrats that attacked him for it look even more foolish.

In the six days after top Chinese officials secretly determined they likely were facing a pandemic from a new coronavirus, the city of Wuhan at the epicenter of the disease hosted a mass banquet for tens of thousands of people; millions began traveling through for Lunar New Year celebrations.

President Xi Jinping took until the seventh day, Jan. 20, to warn the public. By that time, more than 3,000 people had been infected during almost a week of public silence.

“This is tremendous,” said Zuo-Feng Zhang, an epidemiologist at the University of California, Los Angeles. “If they took action six days earlier, there would have been much fewer patients and medical facilities would have been sufficient. We might have avoided the collapse of Wuhan’s medical system.”

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday evening remarked: “What we do know is we know that this virus originated in Wuhan, China. We know there is the Wuhan Institute of Virology just a handful of miles away from where the wet market was. There is still lots to learn. You should know that the United States government is working diligently to figure it out.”

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