The summer is almost here, and many are hoping to get a little R&R at their local beaches. But if you’re in New York City, you’re going to be out of luck… so says Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Even though Memorial Day is right around the corner, the city still refuses to let large groups of people come together. And this includes the beaches — you can go for a walk on the beach, apparently, but you can’t do anything else.

What will happen if you disobey this edict from Mayor de Blasio? What will happen if you dare take a refreshing dip in the waves?

You’ll be “taken right out of the water”!

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New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Monday said that there will be ‘no swimming’ at any of the city’s beaches and warned residents that they would ‘be taken right out of the water’ if they decide to take a dip.

Wow, sounds a little harsh, don’t you think?

Mayor de Blasio added that fencing will be available at the public beaches and if authorities need them, they’ll use them.

In other words, if too many citizens dare go against the order, those fences will be put in position. de Blasio also warned that “tougher measures” might have to be implemented as well.

This is bad news for NYC residents.

If you didn’t know, they’ve got LOTS of beaches; from Wolfe’s Pond Beach in Staten Island to Orchard Beach in the Bronx to Manhattan Beach in Brooklyn.

But you can’t swim at any of them due to the pandemic.

Mayor de Blasio was really annoyed when people flocked outside during the warm weather this past weekend, and said:

The police department will be out, the sheriff’s office will be out watching very carefully on the Upper East Side in particular.

We’re not going to tolerate people congregating. It’s as simple as that.

It’s the phrasing, Mr. Mayor. It just sounds draconian and borderline tyrannical. Do you understand that?

As a result, many residents feel their rights and freedoms are under fire … and issuing endless threats and warnings isn’t really helping.

Above all, we don’t feel like this is the Land of the Free!

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Source: The Daily Wire

Author: Ben Dutka

Source: Patriot Journal: NYC Mayor de Blasio Warns Citizens – If We Catch You Swimming At The Beach, You’ll Be “Taken Right Out Of The Water”

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