Speaker Pelosi was asked if she supports the Black Lives Matter movement by a student during her town hall event at Trinity University in Washington, D.C., on Friday.

“Another question from a student. Shelly Ward, a senior studying journalism and media studies. Shelly, what’s your question?” MSNBC host Joy Reid stated.

“Congratulations on the election,” Ward said before asking, “Do you support the Black Lives Matter movement?

“Well, I support the recognition that black lives matter, for sure. And I have incorporated that in many of my statements. I think all lives matter, yes,” Pelosi responded. “But there has — we really have to redress past grievances in terms of how we have addressed the African-American community. I had a real privilege yesterday to address the swearing-in of the new black caucus members.”

“At least eight new members were elected from places that are not majority-black communities. So this was a real breakthrough,” she continued. “So I think that we’re all, you know, working together to make sure that every part of our community — whether it’s the immigrant community, whether it’s the black community, whether it’s the women’s community and the rest — not only matter but rule.”

Pelosi became the Speaker of the House for the second time on Thursday.

Author: Mike Brest

Source: Daily Caller: When Asked If She Supported The Black Lives Matter Movement, Nancy Pelosi Says, ‘All Lives Matter’

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