Congress just held an important hearing that could affect all Americans.

They heard from George Floyd’s brother, Dan Bongino, and many others on how to improve race relations in the country.

It also gave Jim Jordan a chance to speak on the current situation. And he did not let Democrats off the hook over their odd silence.

From Fox News:

Rep. Jim Jordan, the top Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, condemned Democrats as he accused them of not speaking out against the “defund the police” movement…

“They know it is pure insanity to defund the police,” Jordan said. “And the fact that my Democratic colleagues won’t speak out against this crazy policy is just that—frightening.”

Republican congressman Jim Jordan called out Democrats, saying they refuse to speak out against the defund police movement.

Jordan asserted that the “vast, vast majority” of police were good. He also said that most Americans reject the idea of defunding or dismantling police departments.

Yet he voiced his concern that few of his Democrat colleagues are speaking out against this “crazy policy.”

Our Take:

I don’t think there are very many Americans—regardless of their background or beliefs—that want to see police forces defunded or shut down.

Jim Jordan is probably echoing a sentiment held by many Americans, both liberal and conservative. Most of us believe that police officers work very hard to keep our cities safe.

Are there problems in police departments? Yes. Are all cops great? No way. Do we need to get rid of bad cops? You better believe it.

So, why does it seem many local and state-level Democrats embrace a policy that will only weaken police forces and lead to more crime?

More than that, why does Nancy Pelosi refuse to condemn the “Defund Police” movement? She passed the buck by saying it was a “local” decision.

But she and her House colleagues didn’t mind getting involved in other ways. They knelt to show off their support for George Floyd.

Heck, they even crafted legislation that aims at reforming police departments nationwide.

Looks like they are getting involved in this “local” situation. But they stop short at opposing the defund movement.

I don’t know, but it looks like House Democrats aren’t sending a clear message on where they stand.

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: Jim Jordan Unloads On Congress Democrats – Accuses Them Of Staying Silent On Defund Police Movement

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