Protestors and liberals are going as far as possible in their quest to “cancel” anyone they don’t like.

They’ve gone after everything from COPS to Lego, and now they want American monuments gone.

Trump’s press secretary fired back at the “woke” mob. She asked them where to draw the line? And she asked them something that will really get them in a bind.

From Twitter:

@PressSec asks “Where do you draw the line” with erasing history.

Washington, Jefferson, Madison, FDR, Lyndon Johnson… Joe Biden?

Press Secretary McEnaney called out cancel culture, asking “Where do you draw the line”?

She mentions numerous American leaders, throwing in Joe Biden at the end. Biden was a politician back when some states still forbade interracial marriage.

Some liberals have attacked him on his stance on Civil Rights issues, not to mention his history of insensitive comments about black Americans.

Our Take:

Some activists have said that, despite obvious progress, things have only gotten worse for black people.

Really? Then why aren’t they calling out men like Joe Biden—who has served in government for over 40 years?

Remember, Democrats have been running cities with large black populations for decades.

These cities often have the highest rates in crime, drug abuse, and poverty. Not to mention poor education standards.

Hmm… could there be a connection? Democrats claim they are the only ones who help minorities. So, why do they things “worse” than ever before?

Did they do anything good since the 1960s?

Donald Trump has only been in office for four years. You can’t honestly blame all the problems on him.

Joe Biden has been around for over four decades—a period of time that some say hasn’t helped black Americans.

Maybe, just maybe, if we want things to improve, we have to start electing new leaders with new ideas?

Activists are upset over the history of men like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. But they turn a blind eye to Joe Biden?

Why don’t they want him canceled? I’d rather get rid of Joe and keep Gone With the Wind.

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: After Liberals Try To Cancel Founding Fathers – Kayleigh Asks If Joe Biden Should Be Cancelled Too

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