Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler introduced a bill on Monday that aims to end the Democrat’s war on police.

The bill would withhold federal highway funding from states and local governments who reduce funding to their law enforcement departments without establishing a clear need for the cuts as part of a budget restructuring.

The “Protecting Public Safety and Supporting Law Enforcement” Act would require the U.S. Secretary of Transportation to withhold five percent of certain highway safety funds from any state that elects to reduce funding to law enforcement.

The bill also would make it so that if a local government elects to otherwise reduce funding to law enforcement, states will withhold these funds from the locality.

“We’re seeing the radical idea of defunding the police play out in real-time in places like Minneapolis, Minnesota and Seattle, Washington, and it is frightening,” Loeffler said in a statement.

“This reckless and dangerous defund effort will jeopardize public safety, create chaos and increase crime,” Loeffler said. “While we must address police misconduct, we need to work on solutions that are commonsense reforms and that respect police officers who work tirelessly to maintain order, keep families safe and protect their communities. This legislation provides additional safeguards for police funding to ensure our law enforcement officers continue to have the resources they need to keep all Americans safe.”

The defund the police movement is a dangerous one that is picking up steam among leftists. Cities like New York and Los Angeles have already moved to reduce their law enforcement budgets after protests and unrest following the death of George Floyd.

Minneapolis City Council has pushed forward with a move to “dismantle” the Minneapolis Police Department.

While some Democrats are not even clear as to the exact meaning of defunding the police others like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have maintained calls for radical action.

“’Defund’ means that Black & Brown communities are asking for the same budget priorities that White communities have already created for themselves: schooling > police,etc. People asked in other ways, but were always told ‘No, how do you pay for it?’ So they found the line item,” the far-left Democrat tweeted.

AOC also went after colleagues of hers who were attempting to make the idea of defunding the police more “palatable” for their voters.

“And by the way, the fact that ppl are scrambling to repackage this whole conversation to make it palatable for largely affluent, white suburban ‘swing’ voters again points to how much more electoral & structural power these communities have relative to others,” she said.

Even D.C.’s liberal Mayor Muriel Bowser has been called out by Black Lives Matter DC for refusing to heed calls to reduce police funding.

Congressional Black Caucus chair Rep. Karen Bass said that calls to defund police could be a “distraction.”

“I think it can be used as a distraction and that’s my concern,” Rep. Karen Bass, chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus, said Monday, according to Politico. “I think the intent behind it is something that I support — the idea that communities need investments.”

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